Museveni’s adviser quits NRM, moves to form own party

President Museveni’s adviser has quit NRM. This website has learnt that Dr. John Ricky Akeny has moved to form his own party. (FILE PHOTO)

LANGO – The special presidential assistant for veterinary affairs in Lango sub-region, Dr. John Ricky Akeny, has written to the Electoral Commission, informing them of his intention to register a new political party.

Dr. Akeny also announced that he is quitting the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party so as to concentrate on popularizing his party named Uganda National Prosperity Party (UNPP).

“I don’t have any intention of contesting for the presidential election in 2021, but I am going to be the founder national chairman of Uganda National Prosperity Party,” he said in an interview over the weekend.

Dr. Akeny said his party will have a national outlook, with members of all regions equally represented.

“The party membership will be open and useful to all Ugandans who are sane and above 16 years who subscribe to our mission, vision, and objectives,” he said.

He said objectives of his party include promotion of peaceful co-existence, addressing the rampant corruption and impunity, promotion of equity, ethical and social-economical discipline, advocating against nepotism and sectarianism.

Other objectives are prosperity for all Ugandans, promotion of uniform economic development in all regions, the creation of employment opportunities for all Ugandan citizens, promotion of local and foreign investments and industrialization and establishment of a government with not more than 25 cabinet ministers with saving culture.

Dr. Akeny said the symbol of UNPP is a mature rhino surrounded with by pink colour.

“The party color is pink which represents women who are the majority and very trustworthy. Lime green represents being God-fearing, black we are Africans and red which stands for oneness and shared values with the same blood,” Dr. Akeny explained.

The main objective of the new political party called the Uganda National Prosperity Party (UNPP) is to have a rotational presidency based on the four regions. It will also establish a government with not more than 25 cabinet ministers.



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