Harness youth potential at workplaces, employers urged

Millennials from different workplaces attend the summit at Hotel Africana. ( PHOTO/ Mutalyebwa Abraham)

KAMPALA – The first edition of the Millennial Summit, a brainchild of Strategic Engagement, has urged employers and business owners to harness the unending potential of the youth at workplaces.

The summit ran under the theme: “Leveraging on the youthful workforce of today as a driver for social economic development.

The two-day event that ended Friday, March 15, had notable facilitators who shared their experiences.

Among them were Dickson Kateshumbwa (Commissioner Customs at Uganda Revenue Authority), Jackie Ochola (CEO Andela), Nataliey Bitature (Chief of Staff Simba Group of Companies), and Francis Kamulegeya (Country Senior Partner PWC).

Julianna Kayaga Sseremba, the Co-founder of Strategic Engagement, the organisers of the summit delivering her presentation. (PHOTO/ Mutalyebwa Abraham)

Others were: Nathan Amaral (Founder Fearless Millionaire), Ariho Kamara (CEO Nomad Agency), Timothy Mugume (Country Manager Jumia), Brenda Katwesigye (Managing Director Wazi Vision), and Nevin Bradford (CEO CIPLAQCI) among others.

Ms. Julianna Kayaga Sseremba, Co-founder Strategic Engagement, said: “We are skewed towards having organisation and business owners focusing on the realities about the workforce dynamics that are unique to our country. Our demographics have more than 77%  of the population below 30 years and about 54% employed  which means we need to have localised remedies for this.”

And for Ms. Nataliey Bitature, the  Chief of Staff Simba Group:  “Let’s always ask questions under the journey to help us understand how the older generation made it. Read their books, learn from their skills and know the jobs they did. It is also important to have peers to share ideas which will help us have a variety of solutions.”

Mr. Francis Kamulegeya, a country senior partner at Price Water copper (PWC) presenting about Managing talent in the digital age. ( PHOTO/Mutalyebwa Abraham)

Country Senior Partner. Francis Kamulegeya said: “The older ones are becoming a minority in the work environment and we are not going yet but we have to appreciate that millennials are the future of our companies and country. We have to use the time now to transfer the knowledge and skills at the same time harnessing what it is they have to offer and getting the best out of them.”

“Today’s workforce need not be managed but they demand for coaching, empowerment, information, guidance, advice, support, mentoring and most importantly, reward and recognition…,” said Mr. Francis Kamulegeya added



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