Embrace organizational transformation to enhance productivity – Eng Silver Mugisha

Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha, the National Water and Sewerage Cooperation Managing Director said that great organisations should not just improve staff productivity. (PML PHOTO)

KAMPALA – The Managing Director of the National Water and sewerage corporation Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha has urged members of the Federation of Uganda Employers to advocate for the transformation of organizations as a catalyst for excellent organisation performance.

Dr. Silver was called upon to make a keynote statement from an Employer during the launch of the Employer of the year awards 2019 at Kampala Sheraton Hotel under the theme “Transforming organizations to optimize productivity”

Speaking at the launch, Dr. Silver urged members to be advocates of change and take the lead in the transformation of their organizations.
“I urge you all to think about news ideas for your organizations during meetings. Most employers spend productive time in refresher courses reminiscing what they have forgotten! Let’s embrace innovative and transformational brainstorming sessions in our organizations. No organisation can move from good to great without undergoing transformation.” he said.

According to Dr. Silver, great organisations should not just improve staff productivity, they should design enabling tools performance incentive systems, continuous staff development programmes, benchmarking, periodic positive working environment, technology, conducive work environment, motivation among others.

He shared some of the transformation changes at NWSC that include; Technological changes, research and development, enhanced monitoring and evaluation, aligning the organisation values with staff, propagating a culture of continuous improvement, setting up of a strategic direction, a corporate plan constituted along the balanced scorecard, performance contracts, smart technology for service delivery among others

He shared that transformational organisations should have incentive systems linked to qualitative targets, appraise good performers and caution poor performers.

He shared some of the transformational changes that have taken place at NWSC in a period of 5 years.

They include;
From 23 towns of operation 5 years back, NWSC is now in over 240 towns of operation.
•Customer base has grown from 300,000 customers to now over 615,0000 customers
•Network length to a tune of 15,000kms
•From 80kms of water mains extensions per year to now over 2000kms of water mains extensions per year
•Assets from 650B to 1.75trillion among others

He urged the organisers to exercise a high level of professionalism, value proposition, good corporate governance, appreciate technological changes in innovations and other transformations as they organize the awards.

The awards are geared towards encouraging decent work through promoting best Human Resource Management/Business practices which in turn enhance productivity, organisational competitiveness and corporate sustainability in the country



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