NWSC launches ‘Customer First’ initiative

NWSC regional manager for the Western and South Western region, Eng Mahmood Lutaaya hands patients items at Kitagata Hospital as NWSC launched a new Customer First initiative dubbed “We Care” “Tufaayo” in a bid to improve customer service (NWSC PHOTO)

KAMPALA – The National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has launched a new Customer First initiative dubbed “We Care” “Tufaayo” in a bid to improve customer service.

The move is in line with the corporation’s strategic direction, mission, vision and the catchphrase “Water for all for a delighted customer by a delighted workforce“.

The campaign is designed to reinforce customer expectations that the brand and members of staff are friendly, cheerful and care about the customers while in service.

Staff are being encouraged to adopt a ‘service after the meter’ policy which will urge them to serve the customer beyond delivering a bill, water or sewerage services in their homes.

In recent days, NWSC has been appreciated by stakeholders, customers and service award organisers for the exemplary customer service models rendered to the customers.

Commenting at the launch of the initiative at Kitagata hospital in Sheema district on Thursday, NWSC regional manager for the Western and South Western region, Eng Mahmood Lutaaya, said: “ The corporation is aggressively extending its network to serve more people across the country. Our target is to install a public water point in every village across Uganda.

When citizens get clean safe water, we reduce the number of patients visiting hospitals.” he said

Eng Lutaaya added that NWSC is not a profit making organisation but a service delivery institution.”

He was responding to a request by the hospital authorities to lower the tariff for hospitals/health centres.

Speaking about the “We Care, Tufaayo” campaign, Eng Lutaaya said that the team came to visit customers in the hospital and wish them a quick recovery.

“We want our customers to know that it’s not only about giving you water, delivering a bill or responding to your complaints. We also care about your well being. We are here to serve you beyond your expectations and also record feedback for improvement.

We also want you to know that we are here for you through sickness and bad days” he shared

He advised the patients to use the soap given to them to wash their hands, utensils and bodies for a healthy life.

Kitagata hospital superintendent Dr Johnson Kabwishwa said that NWSC is indeed a caring institution.

“We serve patients from Rukungiri, Bushenyi, Kitagata, Rubirizi, Ishaka and many other surrounding towns. Whilst the hospital is designed to serve 100 patients, we serve over 200 patients per day and deliver over 300 babies per month. The gesture that you care has motivated us to continue to serve despite the various challenges we experience. In fact, we have paid our water bill 4 months in advance.” he said

Dr Kabwishwa added that no institution beats NWSC in customer care/Stakeholder engagements. “Please take this programme everywhere. This is a plus for your customer ratings.” He said

Bushenyi area team, their SMOP Eng Mahmood Lutaaya, Senior Manager HR Eunice Alanyo and Kitagata branch team donated toiletries, soap, liquid soap, sugar and other assorted hospital requirements to the patients

The team also spent the day washing customer tanks. They sensitized customers on water quality related principles, helped customers understand how their bills are calculated, how to apply for new connections, shared #SCAP100 updates and plans among other NWSC product and service promotions.

“At a time of dynamic change and intense competition in Uganda, institutions that delight customers will achieve the strongest revenue growth, brand ratings and positioning.”

The “We care” campaign being launched today in Lira, Jinja and Bushenyi is an initiative of the digital media team under the guidance of the Senior Manager Operations Western, Central and Eastern/Northern region. The campaign is going to be rolled out in all areas of operation.



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