Mirundi sides with Bobi Wine on ‘Tuliyambala Engule’ Song

Tamale Mirundi, the Former Presidential Press Secretary asked the govt the leave Bobi Wine and his ‘Engule’ song. (FILE PHOTO)

KAMPALA – Former Presidential Press Secretary, Joseph Tamale Mirundi in a live broadcast has supported Bobi Wine on his song ‘Tuliyambala Engule’ that has become an issue to discuss amongst many Ugandans.

Various religious leaders especially pastors claim that Bobi Wine misused the song by making it political yet it’s a religious song.

However, Mirundi says it’s Bobi’s tactic to pass out his message to his supporters using such a song because even Uganda’s motto states that ‘For God and My Country’.

“When I want to communicate to Ugandans what should I do? Bobi Wine is very knowledgeable he discovered that through music he can pass his message to Ugandans. I don’t know where this young man gets such knowledge, I praise him.” He said

Mirundi also advised the govt to leave the artiste in peace as he is not the first musician to sing about the current situation.

“Leave Bobi Wine alone. Is he the problem of Museveni? No Bobi Wine is a musician like Ronald Mayinja, let him sing. Do you want us to go back to Amin’s time where anyone who sung on the current situation was cut into pieces? Other artistes like Mayinja have songs like ‘Tuli Kubunkeke’ was the song banned?

The motor-mouthed man added that everyone has a right to sing on what he goes through.

“Why don’t you care about other musicians who sing such songs and put the focus on only Bobi Wine?”

He added on that those pastors who came out to criticize the song are illiterate and they don’t understand the message in the song.



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