Bobi Wine needs 20 years to be ready for president, says Nagenda

Senior Presidential Advisor on Media Relations, Mr John Nagenda has said that Leader of the People Power pressure group, Robert Kyagulanyi, Mugisha Muntu and Opposition Lynchpin Dr Kizza Besigye lack the credentials to run a state (FILE PHOTO)

KAMPALA – The Senior Presidential Advisor on Media Relations, Mr John Nagenda, has said Kyandondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, Gen Mugisha Muntu and Dr Kizza Besigye lack the credentials to lead the country.

Mr Nagenda instead said that the next president will come from the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party, urging President Museveni to announce a successor early enough to avoid what he described as a catastrophe.

“Mugisha Muntu was a reasonable leader of the army and he is well spoken but I would not expect him to make a good leader. Dr Kizza Besigye has stood 4 times, losing very easily every time and bleating that he was cheated,” he said.

“I believe Bobi Wine is a good singer but to become president, maybe in 20 years if he starts now,” he added.

Mr Nagenda made the remarks on Monday morning while appearing on NBS TV’s morning show on Monday.

He added that whereas People Power movement is gaining ground, NRM is still strong.

“I thought my late friend Eriya Kategaya would have made a good President especially since he knew many people in the movement. People power is what we have, NRM has more people than anyone else. If Bobiwine’s People power wins over Museveni’s people power, It will be completely disastrous. FDC is a strong wave although it is becoming weaker. Democratic Party for some reason has never been ready to take over power,” he said.

Nagenda added that whereas he believes that Museveni is a good leader, his time has come to graciously retire

” I hope that President Kaguta Museveni will start moving seriously about choosing someone so that in the next 3 years, he can gracefully retire. I would like the President to destroy corruption in this country and round off these thieves that we know. I believe President Museveni is a clean person but a lot of people around him are not. I would not mind the vice president, Edward Sekandi taking power for 5 years because he would listen to Museveni, he is a Muganda, a Catholic and he will have brought a new face to the presidency. I think he would do a good job.”

Nevertheless, he acknowledged that Museveni is a strong-minded person who does not easily take advice.

“It would be very rude to say that the President has deaf ears but the President is a very stubborn person, he knows his worth and is a very fair person too,” he said.

“President Museveni is a very difficult person to manage because he is the president and also because he is Museveni. He has very strong views and I am lucky to have strong views as well. I admire president Museveni. I have admired him all through the 32 years he has been in power. I have said it several times that the time has come for the president to start training a successor. There is a looming catastrophe if God forbid our leader (President Museveni) who has been fantastic is called to the next life.”



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