Museveni’s ‘major statement’ on corruption draws mixed reactions

President Museveni speaks at the 25th anniversary of Transparency International Uganda. (TIU) Thursday, Dec. 6. His remarks on corruption drew mixed reactions (PML Daily PHOTO)

KAMPALA – President Yoweri Museveni, while presiding over the celebrations to mark the 25th anniversary of Transparency International Uganda (TIU) at Imperial Royale Hotel early this week, said he is going to be making a big revelation on December 10.

Sources speculate that he will launch yet another anti-corruption institution and announce some radical measures to be taken by a unit in his office to reign in public sector graft.

Others sources told this website that the measures will also include asset seizures and recovery.

Statehouse confirms that Mr. Museveni will launch a State-House anti-corruption Unit and address the nation on a measure he will undertake to fight corruption.

“The war against graft is reloaded. Listen in on Monday, December 10 as Yoweri Museveni makes major announcements in this renewed war!” Don Wanyama, the presidential Press secretary twitted on Wednesday.

However, a number of journalists and political analysts on different platforms have weighed in their expectations of Museveni’s ‘major statement’ could be.

Appearing at NBS Television during a popular media Round Table, where Journalist discuss major news stories of the week in a journalistic perspective veteran Journalist and a talk show host at the same station Simon Kaggwa Njala said he expects the usual rhetoric.

“I expect three things; name and shame, a hotline and a definition of corruption from the Ugandan dictionary,” he claimed.

Joseph Sabiiti, a journalist with NBS Television when asked of his expectations, he said, “am going with an open mind, because, I have learnt to appreciate the simplest of the steps in the right direction”.

Because if you live in a country where there are too many problems, any positive step needs to be appreciated.

So am going to go with an open mind, probably I will be among the first few to go and listen to His Excellency the president.”

“Yesterday [Thursday 6th] I got the report of the presidential affairs committee on the Bududa resettlement, literally everybody is mentioned; ministers, the permanent secretary in the office of the Prime Minister, the acting commissioner for disaster preparedness, the Member of Parliament for the area, the RDC of the area.

There is a chain of command of the people who are supposed to be held responsible for financial loses in billions on the Bududa resettlement programme.

So I thought, Mr President that a good one to start from. But I want to see some action. Some legitimate action and that’s why am going with an open mind to see this revolutionary strategy after 32 years.”

Barbara Among, a media trainer in Kampala and a veteran journalist said: I don’t know, but because Journalism is history, I would want to record this live. Just like we have recorded the pronouncements and the directives in the past. I would still want to record that.

Mildred Tuhaise a talk show host and News anchor at NBS Television said:

“As a journalist, I think the expectations we go place the cameras and wait for the president is going to say. I am not really sure there’s anything going to be new. “



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