Bushenyi, Mbarara top in school dropouts over GBV

Pupils share porridge at their school. A report has revealed that over 65% of school going children drop-out of school as a result of gender-based violence in areas of Mbarara and greater Bushenyi (FILE PHOTO)

MBARARA – Out of 100 pupils who go to primary school in Bushenyi and Mbarara, averagely 35 pupils complete primary seven while 65 dropouts before completing school.

This has been attributed to the high rates of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in most families around the country.

It was revealed that in Ankole subregion at least 10 cases of GBV are reported at the probation offices which are situated at every sub-county.

While at a press conference that held in Bushenyi district council hall on Monday to mark the end of 16 days activism to put an end to Gender-Based Violence in the region.

Elias Byamungu, the Chief administrative Officer Bushenyi noted that during these 16 days of activism, they have found out that in Mbarara and Bushenyi at least out of 100 pupils who join primary level education, only 35 manage to complete primary seven, he attributed this to the high levels of GBV in most families.

“Fellow men have resorted to just drinking alcohol from morning to evening and left the whole burden of bringing up children and providing basic needs to their wives.

“In Mbarara, only 32 complete P.7 and Bushenyi registers over 38. So on average a total of 35% graduate from the primary section which is very alarming,” Byamungu noted.

He added that as a district, they are going to increase on the funds allocated to the fight against GBV in the next financial year. “The council has already passed a resolution to at least allocate more funds, each revenue we collect we shall be deducting 1% and it goes to the fight against GBV.

Faith Amanya Betega, the gender officer of Bushenyi district also told the public that gender-based violence is not only for women, but rather it cuts across all sex, she said that they have had challenges with men who don’t report after being beaten up by their wives.

“Because men think they are superior, they refuse to report even when they have challenges in their homes, they don’t want to be seen as inferiors which has been a great challenge in these 16 days of activism to end the vice but we have tried to engage them so that they can also start reporting these cases, we have realized that poverty levels are also high and poor nutrition.”

Jafari Basajjabalaba the chairman LCV for Bushenyi district noted that as the district they are going to put a toll free line and social clinics to engage men and girls to see how they can end GBV, he said that its very unfortunate that they have lost a number of people as a result of fights in homes.

He added that they are going to implement the ordinances and by laws to ensure that these vices in homes are no more.



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