Police officer rapes prisoner, arrested

Robert Ocuku, a police officer arrested for raping a suspect he was meant to arrest. (FILE PHOTO)

GULU– Police officer Robert Ocuku was earlier this week arrested after he allegedly raped crime suspect Filder Akumu, who was detained in October for stealing 7,500 US dollars from an Eritrean man.

Ocuku was arrested after Akumu appeared before Kampala Magistrate court and told court that the officer raped her from a hotel room before being taken to Kampala.

According to Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa region police spokesman, following Akumu’s complaint, Ocuku was arrested and taken to Gulu police.

Okema added that Ocuku was an expert tasked to track and arrest Akumu after she stole 7,500 US dollars from an Eritrean man in Kabalagala, Kampala but, after a successful arrest on October 3, Ocuku hired a lodge in Gulu town where he allegedly raped Akumu before delivering her to Kampala.

Aswa Regional Police Commander Ezekiel Emitu, also stated that itis illegal for a police officer, effecting arrest to take the suspect to lodges in an area where there are police cells.

“We have police cells in Gulu town and the police officer should have taken the suspect there. Therefore he should be held responsible for taking the suspect to the lodge.”







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