Kampala International University issues out certificates on graduation

Graduands waiting for the confirmation of their respective displines. (Photo by Nelson Mandela)

KAMPALA– Kampala International University has started instant issuing transcripts to graduates during graduation ceremonies.

The 19th graduation held November 17 saw 3700 students receive degree and Diploma certificates plus PHDs in different fields.

Hon. Minister for justice Kahinda Otafiire, the 2018 KIU graduation chief guest delivering his speech. (Photo by Nelson Mandela)

At the graduation held at her main campus at Kansanga, Ggaba Road, Kampala, six students were awarded doctorate degrees (PhDs) while 36 students graduated with first-class degrees in different disciplines.

For the first time

The University’s Vice-Chancellor, Mr Muhammad Mpezamihingo, said for the first time in the institution’s history, the university was able to issue transcripts to their students on graduation day.

“We are delighted to announce that because of improved information communication technology, for the first time in the history of this university, all transcripts and certificates of all graduating students are available for collection immediately after the graduation,” Mr Mpezamihingo said.

Kampala International University Law Clinic launched on November 17, 2018. (Photo by Nelson Mandela)

The chief guest Rtd Maj Gen Kahinda Otafire, the minister of justice and constitutional affairs applauded the University’s pronouncement saying the graduands are now sure they can favourably compete in the labour market.

“I am pleased with the announcement the university has made today and I know that with this, the graduands will apply for jobs anywhere because employers ask for academic documents which they have,” said Rtd Maj Gen Otafire.

Maj Gen Otafire who also commissioned the first ever law clinic at the university that will offer free legal services to the community urged the university to use this as an avenue for corporate social responsibility.

“I am privileged to commission this law clinic as a minister of justice and constitutional affairs and I want to ask you to utilize this to help the people who require legal services and can’t afford them,” said Rtd Maj Gen Otafire.

Chief guest Otafiire officially opening the KIU Law Clinic. (Photo by Nelson Mandela)

He said the world is surrounded by innovations and renovations in the 21st century and asked the students to take advantage of the technology and use it carefully to remain relevant and competitive.

He further credited the University management for enabling KIU to be the only university with a teaching hospital in East Africa and with a technical school in line with government’s programme of skilling Uganda.

Rtd Maj Gen Otafire urged the graduands to avoid being reckless and stay safe to be useful to their families, community and the country at large saying “there are no spares for life be careful”.


Some of the graduates who attained first class of education at KIU pose with their awarded certificates of merit. (Photo by Nelson Mandela)

Mr Valentine Tebi Mbali, the Dean of school of Law, the Law clinic will provide free legal services to the people in areas of Tenancy eviction, refugee rights, domestic violence and child rights for the start.

Prof John Ssebuwufu, the chancellor of the Uni9versity urged graduates to stay safe amid challenges such as drug use, alcohol addiction, and diseases such as HIV/Aids.

“Parents and guardians have sacrificed a lot in bringing you to this level, please do not cut your life short either deliberately or through reckless lifestyles. Have a clear vision for your life, set your goals and continue dreaming bigger and bigger,” said Prof Ssebuwufu.

He explained that it is not Education or the degrees that guarantee a better life but that it is the skills that one has attained as school that can be used to create a better life. Ends

Minister Otafiire (third right) together with other university delegates pose for the picture. (Photo by Nelson Mandela)

In Summary

Achievement. The 19th graduation, saw more than 3700 students receive degree certificates in different fields, PHDs and diplomas.

The vice chancellor Mr Muhammad Mpezamihingo said out of the about 3700 graduands, 57% were males while 43% were females and that 37% graduands were awarded in science-related fields while 63% in arts-related displines.




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