Drama in court as Dr Stella Nyanzi is charged for insulting President’s mother

Dr. Stella Nyanzi in court. (Photo by Recheal Agaba)

KAMPALA– There was drama at Buganda Road Court as Dr Stellah Nyanzi was being charged with cyber harassment and offensive communication.

Nyanzi appeared before grade one magistrate Ester Nahiliya on Wednesday who informed her that her job was to only read the charges as she will take plea before the trial magistrate of the Utility Court.

Before reading to her the charges,  Nyanzi demanded to get an interpreter to read the charges in her native language Luganda which she understands better.

This and many more gave court a hard time to calm down Nyanzi who had turned roudy.

She told the court that she had written many books about the vigina and the President but she didn’t know anything about his mother.

Prosecution states that on September 16, 2018, Nyanzi used a computer to post on her Facebook page “Stella Nyanzi” wherein she made suggestions or proposals among others that she wished his Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s mother Esteri Kokundeka’s cursed vigina canal had burnt upon his unborn feotus which suggestions or proposals are obscene lewd or indecent.

It is further stated that on the same day, Nyanzi used electronic communication to post messages offensive in nature via Facebook , transmitted  over the Internet to disturb or attempted to disturb the peace, quiet or right of privacy of the president with no purpose of legitimate communication.

She has now been remanded to Luzira prison until November 9 when she will come back to court to take plea to charges and also apply for bail.

Nyanzi was arrested on Friday last week from Wandegeya police station where she had gone to seek permission and security to organise a peaceful demonstration against Makerere University’s refusal to reinstate her as a researcher following a 2-year suspension due to alleged misconduct.

This is not the first time Dr. Nyanzi is charged before court on offenses relating to attacking the person and privacy of President Museveni.

It should be noted that in 2016, she was charged before Buganda Road court on similar offenses and remanded for a month at Luzira prison was cautioned post further offensive messages to the first family until the final disposal of the case.

However, this case has since  stayed awaiting  the Constitutional Court to  determine a petition she filed challenging the compulsory subjecting of all  criminal suspects to a mental examination procedure before trial.



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