Councilors grill internal auditor over quarterly audit reports

Mbarara Municipal Internal Auditor, Moses Mwesigwa, has been grilled by councilors over failure quarterly audit reports (PHOTO BY BOB AINE)

MBARARA – Mbarara Municipal Internal Auditor, Moses Mwesigwa, has been grilled by councilors over failure to provide quarterly audit reports.

Councilors, led by Nobert Semusa representing youth from Nyamitanga division revealed that ever since they came to council they have never received any audit reports for all the financial years.

He adds that this has created a lot of suspicion among the councilors.

This was during the council meeting this week that was chaired by Stephen Koma, the Principal Inspector, and Ruth Gyayo, a senior Inspector all from the ministry of local government department of district inspection and urban inspection respectively.

“Ever since we joined this council, we have always fought to freely access information concerning how businesses are being run here but our efforts and requests have been downplayed by the so-called technocrats led by town clerk, most times we have been forced to ask for internal audit reports from the town clerk, but instead of giving us what we demand for, they say that we are fighting them, yet its our mandate to be given information, all these issues that are in Mbarara Municipal council emanate from luck of these reports, even we don’t know why this internal auditor is in office, some of the councilors don’t know him,” Nobert said.

Imamu Kagiko councilor representing Katete ward in Nyamitanga division also echoed the same saying that the issue of the internal audit have proved to have caused a multidimensional effect to all the mess in the council.

“If all these departments operate without a vibrant department that checks on the expenditure then we are heading for a doom, the office of the internal auditor is defunct, we have gotten very many reports from executive but we have never gotten any report from the department of internal auditor, this shows that there is high level of connivance in Mbarara and this must stop,” Kagiko also comments.

Moses Mwesigwa had snubbed the meeting since all heads of department had been summoned to attend, it was until when Koma ordered him to appear and explain why he is not giving out quarterly reports.

While appearing, a shivering Moses said that he has been working on the reports and submitted them to the office of the town clerk.

“I have been working on the reports but amidst thereafter submitting them to town clerk I don’t know what happens, but I promise this time they will always come.”

Later, councilors gave him an ultimatum to have compiled all the reports by the next council meeting, failure to do that he will also fall prey and face the wrath of the law.



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