Another exclusives leaker Titus Seruga involved in social media battle with TVO wanted over leaked gov’t top secrets

ISO boss Frank Bagyenda has revealed that security forces are searching to the famous blogger Titus Tugume for leaking government Top secrets (FILE PHOTO)

Director General of Internal Security (ISO) Col Kaka Bagyenda has Monday said that another exclusive leaker Titus Seruga is on the run from Uganda after allegedly stealing Government Top secrets.

Kaka said that Seruga who is also wanted to answer charges related to abating terrorism is wanted in Uganda to answer charges of stealing Government Top secrets that he has been publishing on his facebook wall ‘Titus Seruga’.

Mr. Kaka said that the indormation has created confusion and he is considered a high threat to the security of the country.

“We don’t want to do our work in media but what you have to know the matters he is wanted for are security related and we shall get him by all means,” Kaka Bagyenda the Director General Internal Security Organisation said when contacted.

Seruga is wanted jointly by ISO, Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), Police and External Security Organization (ESO).

According to Security sources, Seruga fled the country on January 21, 2015 after one of his contacts in the army tipped him he was to be arrested any time and went to Brussels Belgium where he is hiding now.

“We are yet to establish his relationship with a particular security organ. We are aware some of his updates concern matters that agency is investigating and usually this is classified,” CMI officials said.

CMI also believes Seruga must be working with subversive elements yet to be identified with in security circles.

He was an advertising guru in Uganda before he fled the country and in Brussels he is doing Advocacy and Activism through which security agencies accuse him of being anti-government through his writings.

Seruga enter war with TVO

A cyber waged on this week as Titus Serugo and the notorious TVO went off on each other (FILE PHOTO)

Last week, Seruga and popular blogger Tom Voltaire Okwalinga (TVO) were engaged in a war of words in which TVO accused him of being an agent of a spy agency and was being used to tarnish the image of other agencies.

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TVO, just like Seruga is also wanted after he started to leak credible information about classified government operations to members of the public through his account on Facebook in 2010.

TVO mainly targeted President Yoweri Museveni and his family and also leaked critical information about top security, government and business officials.

On his Facebook post, TVO accuses Seruga of being a Rwandese agent within Ugandan security but was currently battling immigration-related issues in Belgium.

Same week on Friday, TVO claimed that Seruga whom he referred to as the ‘ESO guy,’ was being detained after Belgian immigration officials grew suspicious of his identity of the veracity of his asylum claims.

“The ESO guy’s lawyer had applied for bond, he was finally released as he waits for his appeal from the immigration court,” TVO said about Titus Seruga.

Seruga on the other revealed that the much sought after TVO was one Roland Kaweesi. Titus Seruga claimed TVO was a state agent who continues to benefit from the state, including his fees paid for by State House. He also accused him of getting his information from the Uganda Police Force.

Seruga has authored a number of highly sensitive security issues on his Facebook page including the infamous ‘hit list’, the involvement of Rwanda’s DMI in the insecurity in Uganda and recently penned down an open letter to Gen. Kale Kayihura, the former IGP accusing him of mismanaging the Uganda Police Force and many atrocities committed under his leadership as police boss.

He accused him of failing to act as IGP when offences were committed by his men Nixon Agasirwe, Faisal Katende, Joel Aguma, James Maganda who were all under arrest by ISO and CMI.



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