Museveni commissions Kiruhura water project

President Museveni commissions the Kashongi water extension on Sunday, October 21 (PML Daily PHOTO)

KIRUHURA – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Sunday commissioned Kashongi water mains extension in Kiruhura District.

The President of Uganda in his remarks urged the residents to protect River Rwizi jealously and other water bodies that support the livelihoods of the people of Uganda.

The water mains extension from Rubindi town to Kashongi was implemented by the Government of Uganda through the National Water and Sewerage Corporation.

The project includes 12kms of water mains extension serving 7 Villages which include Ruhuumba, Kachwapare, Nchune, Kashongi, Ntara and the surrounding areas and 30 Public water points to serve various villages in the district.

Some of other areas to benefit from the project include Kyenshama Trading Center and the surrounding areas in Kashongi County, Kiruhura district.

The project will serve over 40,000 people in Kiruhura district.

The NWSC Managing Director, Dr Eng Silver Mugisha, said the corporation is implementing a number of service delivery projects to improve access to safe clean water and sewerage services across the country.

He asked the locals to shun sectarianism. “When NRM came in power we started telling people to stop politics of divisions. We told people that those who teach you about politics of religion and tribes are your enemies because I have never seen a road baptized in church; when it is constructed everybody uses it. So do not engage yourselves in politics of religions and tribes but rather focus on development,” Mr Museveni said.

He also laid foundation stone on building for Kashongi Farmers Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisation (SACCO) which has 6,800 members and share capital of Shs1.2 billion.

“I heard that Kashongi you do not have electricity, so I came to find out because electricity has reached everywhere. Why hasn’t it reached Kashongi? I have come here to find out why and I am not happy standing here without seeing an electric pole. Electricity does not require much money as roads do; even if World Bank does not have money I will work on it myself,” Mr Museveni said.



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