Mbidde, Bwanika locks horns as fresh rows rock opposition

National DP vice president Fred Mukasa Mbidde (L) lashed out the leader of People’s Development Party, Abed Bwanika over meddling affairs. (FILE PHOTO)

MASAKA- The national Vice-President of the Democratic Party, Fred Mukasa Mbidde has once again lashed out at the leader of the People’s Development Party, Abed Bwanika for meddling in the affairs of the Democratic Party.

Mbidde revealed this after his supporters were barred from attending the meetings after he recently declared his intentions to content for Masaka Municipality parliamentary seat in the next elections.

He blamed the incident on Bwanika and Masaka Municipality MP Mathias Mpuuga.

Mbidde said the duo incited students to chase him and his supporters from the reunion.

“You [Dr. Bwanika] have got your own political party which is not DP.

“You have insulted Dr Kiiza Besigye, Betty Nambooze, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and me and even repeated the historical insults for which you [Bwanika] are actually known,” Mbidde said.

“We won’t allow anyone whose aim is to abuse those on the opposition.

“Bwanika needs to tell us who he works for?

“We have discovered that he always comes to the presidential ballot paper only to make sure Museveni goes to the bottom of it by Alphabetical order to make it easy for voters. The last we heard, he was swearing an affidavit saying Museveni never rigged the 2006 elections.

“Who pays Bwanika, who does he work for?” Mbidde added.

In response, Bwanika shot back at Mbidde saying he chose the wrong forum to make his campaigns for the parliamentary seat.

“This was an event which was for uniting opposition parties and groups, when he went off that original objective, he got himself in trouble,” he said.

According to Bwanika, Mbidde is greedy and does not understand why he has an interest in upsetting Mpuuga with whom they share a political party.

Bwanika said that Ugandans now have the capacity to tell who is and who is not a mole which makes Mbidde’s accusations inconsequential.



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