London university honors Kadaga over excellent work

Rt. Hon. Kadaga receives international accolade over her excellent work as Parliament Speaker (WESTMINISTER PHOTO)

LONDON – Ms Rebecca Kadaga, Uganda’ s speaker of Parliament, has been honoured with an award at the London Political Summit 2018 over exceptional work.

She was awarded as a speaker for Ugandan parliament and Africa in general.

The two days summit was organised by Ring for Change Foundation in collaboration with the London Metropolitan University and was held at the British House of Parliament, Portcullis house, Grimond Room in Westminster, London.

At the same summit held under the theme “How to generate a Political will and public will to influence change in a complex democracy”

Kenyan duo Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya and Raila Odinga were awarded the “Peace Accord Handshake” for their historic political sportsmanship.

The duo was also lauded for adherence to the principle of political tolerance to end ethnic antagonism and mischievous political competition, public corruption in the history of Kenyan politics.



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