Kidepo Valley Park installs telescopes for tourists

The interpretative panels telescopes at Kidepo Valley National Park. (Photo by David Mafabi)

KIDEPO – Do you love witnessing the wonder and amazement in the Game Park as you see an animal for the first, second and third time!

Your face will light up and your smiles will come alive as you point to each animal in excitement.

If you’re looking for the quintessential tourism destination in Uganda, Kidepo Valley National Game Park stands out, this invaluable natural resource has been visited and revisited and the extraordinary features on it shape its outstanding beauty which remain a myth to those who have not visited it and a secret to those who have visited it.

The Kidepo Valley National Park was established in the 1960s under the first rule of President Milton Obote [Later] (1962 – 1971). The forcible eviction of the IK people out of the fertile Kidepo Valley contributed to a famine among the Ik; a local Karimojong minority ethnic group.

That Uganda is gifted by nature is an assertion few can dispute, especially when you taste nature by going to Kidepo national park.

A one-week itinerary including these spots will mean seeing incredible wildlife, spectacular scenery and a range of different ecosystems without necessary having to go on a Park ride.

Using the recently installed Telescopes, you will be able to view wildlife in every way humanly possible using the telescopes mounted at the at various observation points.

Mr. Johnson Masereka, the Conservation area manager says they introduced telescopes in bid to enhance the tourists’ satisfaction while at Kidepo valley national park.

He explained that installed by, Uganda Wildlife Authority [UWA] in partnership with AWF and USAID, the telescopes have eased ecological monitoring of Wildlife at the Park while visitors are seated at campsites.

A view of the ginormous ostriches and other animals in Kidepo Valley National Park (FILE PHOTO)

“This now offers a marvellous view of our wildlife in this world-class park and we have also provided space for comments, visitors can write back to us for any complaints or any responses after viewing our wildlife,” said Mr Masereka October 18.

He said the Telescopes will guide you to not only see Kidepo Valley but will expose you to the Kanagorok hot springs and the sandy Kidepo River and that they will also give you an opportunity to encounter only Uganda’s population of Ostriches thriving in their natural habitat.

He explained that the scenic landscapes of Mount Morungole, Lomej Hills, Namamukweny valley and the overlooking south Sudan Mountains combine to make your visit to Kidepo memorable.

Mr. Zacharia Logwee, a guide tour said Telescopes have interpretive panels that tell the behaviour of animals and that by the time one goes to the field, he will have known which type of animals and birds he is going to see.

“The game drive will then treat you to animals you have already known about from Telescope interpretive panels and you will be treated to a wide variety of attractions ranging from giraffes, elephants, zebras, waterbucks, and ostriches,” said Logwee

He said Kidepo Valley National Park has a unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else and that the addition of Telescopes will make it a marvellous place to visit.

“The Kidepo setting is the closest you can get to nature in a raw form. There is something to interest everyone. The packages offer a nature walk, 460 birds, traditional dances, butterflies and interesting communities,” said Mr Logwee.



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