Brick seller grills Gulu Municipality MP over unsettled debt

Lyandro Komakech, Gulu Municipality Member of Parliament was sued to LC court over Shs700,000 debt. (FILE PHOTO)

GULU– Simon Loum, 45, father of six children and a resident of Peya village in Ongako sub-county in Omoro district has faulted Gulu Municipality Member of Parliament Lyandro Komakech for failure to pay his money at tune of Sh 700,000 that accrued as debt from the sale of baked bricks early this year.

Loum claimed that on January 27, 2018, he sold eight trips (9,600 pieces) of burnt brick at a rate of Shs 130 amounting to  Shs 1,248,000 but after deduction, the legislator agreed to pay him net Shs 1,150,000.

On the day of their transaction, Loum said the MP paid him Sh250,000 out of Sh1,150,000 and promised that he will clear the rest of the balance the following day.

However, the following day; while the MP was not around, all the bricks were ferried to MP Lyandro’s construction side without payment.

At the start of February this year, Loum recalls to have reminded the MP of the balance who sent him only Shs 100,000 on mobile money.

Later in October, Lyandro deposited another Shs 100,000 bringing the MP’s total deposit to Shs450,000 and a balance of Shs700,000 in a stretch of ten months.

Loum said despite the frustrating payments, he did not give up on asking the MP to clear his balance as he was in desparate need of the money to pay his children’s school fees.

On Wednesday, Loum said he receive Sh100,000 on his Mobile Money account from an anynymous number.

In an attempt to hold the MP responsible, Loum sought assistance from area, local leaders of LCI and LCIII, to raise his concern to Lyandro to ensure he is cleared at once and for all so he can pay his debts and solve his other problems.

“I am stranded. I have called him but he doesn’t pick my calls. I have sought assistance from all the local leaders including clan leaders and sub-county chairman but in vain.

He added:  “I borrowed loan of Sh.200,000 from a village saving group and now they want to collect all my property to repay the loan. I also borrowed loan from Post Bank Uganda and I am now left with Shs20,000 to clear the loan and that is one of the reasons as to why I want him to settle his debt with me,” Loum cried out.

In a bid to help Loum, a  letter dated  October  23, 2018, from Ongako Sub-county chairman, William Ocitti was addressed to Lyandro Komakech asking the legislator to pay Loum in full so that he is able to send his five children back school.

“As the matter stands, Mr Loum Simon is requesting the MP settles his debt with him (Loum) reason being that his five children have been chased away from school because of school fees also he picked up a loan from Post Bank Uganda and the repayment schedules is ongoing. He feels that the MP should consider and clear the balance” the letter reads in part.

When contacted, Ocitti confirmed sending the letter and said he got calls couple days ago from someone who works in the office of Lyandro in Gulu town stating that the MP had two days ago paid another installment of Sh200,000 and promised to clear the remaining balance in few days.

Efforts to reach MP Lyandro for a comment on the matter were futile but refered this website to his brother, Stephen Nyeko to respond to the allegations.

According to Nyeko, his brother (Lyandro) was busy and couldn’t pick calls as he was traveling back from Bududa.

Nyeko said Lyandro bought 1,400 pieces of burnt bricks a rate of Sh100 each amounting from Ojok Kinyera a resident of Onyona in June this year and has paid most of the money and is remaining with a debt of Sh180,000. He said the last payment to Ojok was made on Tuesday.

Nyeko also stated that his brother has been on and off in the country as he was regularly traveling to United States of America where he is advancing in a University study and was unable to connect to the men who sold him the bricks. He also pointed out that the MP recently had challenges of money due to delays of payment of salaries by Public Service.

Asked whether Nyeko knows the deal between the MP and Loum,he said he knew about that too adding that Loum should learn to be patient.

In attempt to investigate the matter further to establish whether Loum and Ojok were in a joint venture in selling bricks, Ojok said he is also a victim of a related incident. Saying his transaction is different from that of Loum.

Ojok added that the MP paid most of his money; with the recent payment made on October 29.




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