Attorney General wants govt to reintroduce regional tier bill to Cabinet

William Byaruhanga, the Attorney General wants Regional Tier Bill returned to the cabinet. (FILE PHOTO)

KAMPALA– The Attorney General, William Byaruhanga wants government to reintroduce Regional Tier Bill to the cabinet which has been overtaken by events.

“The bill is of the Local Government Minister and it’s the minister to take it to the cabinet to debate on it and then return to Parliament to discuss whether to pass it or not to,” Byaruhanga said.

While appearing before the Local Government Committee of Parliament chaired by Hon. Godfrey Onzima, on Wednesday at Parliament, Byaruhanga informed the committee that government brought the bill during the 8th and 9th Parliament and the bill was not discussed and it lapsed.

Buliisa County Member of Parliament Stephen Mukitale recently moved a motion in seeking leave of Parliament to pass the Regional tier bill that has been gathering dust in parliament after it failed the litmus test in 2009.

In 2015, MPs demanded that Government brings a law to implement the regional tier system of Government or have it scrapped from the constitution.

The regional tier system was included in the constitution during the amendment of the constitution in 2005. The tier system of governance was a direct response to the persistent demand for a federal system of Governance by several regions of Uganda with Buganda Kingdom taking the lead.

The regional tier system would involve districts in a given area or region uniting to form one non-political administrative entity.

According to the constitution, the regional tier governments should have started operating on July 01, 2006

Byaruhanga advised the committee to interface with executive and come up with a resolution because the powers lies with this arm.

Mukitale told the press after the meeting that he was happy that the Attorney General appeared before the committee because his major concern was to know government’s commitment in as far as the Constitution Amendment was concerned and why the bill had not been implemented.

“If government has the will, they can reintroduce the bill sadly the Attorney General said a few things have changed.

“But Municipalities like Gulu, Lira, Masaka, Jinja, Wakiso, and Entebbe have since grown and they should be accorded a city status.

“Uganda can emulate countries like Kenya and Tanzania which have many cities and things are running smoothly,” Mukitale added.

Mukitale refuted claims that the bill could reduce on the powers of the President saying that it’s not his intention to do that but wants what is best for every Ugandan to benefit from all the opportunities as citizens.

The legislator believes that the tier government could help address some problems because the region will look for homegrown solutions instead of waiting for it to be handled in Kampala.

Adding that it would also save the millions of money that Prime Minister’s office injects into some issues like the Bududa disasters and Apaa land saga, illegal evictions among others.

According to the legislator, this type of government does not elect the Katikiro because it’s still within the powers of the Kabaka because this has been a confusion yet the taxpayers need accountability.

Adding that even the good President’s skilling program can be incorporated into this government for the young from other regions to benefit and in this way, we will be decongesting Kampala city.



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