The evidence is with UN! Bobi Wine vows to take on security forces over brutality of his supporters

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has vowed to take on Ugandan security forces, citing that UN has implicating evidence already FILE PHOTO)

KAMPALA – Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has revealed that his lawyers are gathering more evidence to hold personally responsible the security officials who were caught on camera beating up his supporters on Thursday when he arrived in the country.

In a statement issued on Friday, Bobi Wine expressed shock at the beatings, wondering whether the officer involved are human beings.

“What kind of human beings are these? Are these our brothers and sisters? Are they Ugandans? Of course, as they did all this, they foolishly thought that no one was watching,” he said.

He alluded to the video showing soldiers beating up people with herding sticks in Kasangati, with the biggest casualty being One man commonly known as Sweet Pepsi, and

“Since yesterday [Thursday], I have been trying to wrap my mind around that video showing soldiers beating up people with herding sticks in Kasangati. One man commonly known as Sweet Pepsi was badly beaten and his head was bleeding profusely. I have talked to him this evening and he is still in pain, although improving,” he said.

He also alluded to another video that shows police officers bartering a young man inside a police station for supporting People Power.

“They are heard jeering and insulting him as they kick him, punch him and do all sorts of things to him. One of them is seen displaying a red t-shirt and as if that’s a crime, he launches another attack on the innocent citizen of Uganda! You can hear him groan in pain, but these police officers, shamelessly putting on our national flag, will have none of that,” he adds.

“ I must salute whoever recorded the video and I encourage all of you friends to always record these violations. The camera is sometimes the only weapon we have to bring these crimes to the attention of the world. Twebelelemu!”

“Whenever we talk about these things, you see some regime apologists quickly come out to deny and ask for proof. After torturing you, they come out and say you are lying against them. Yet these are the things that happen at these facilities every hour, every minute! And do you see how one of them laughs with satisfaction after beating up a fellow citizen? This is what I cannot understand. How do they sleep at night after doing this? What do they tell their children? That they are coming from work?” he wondered.

The MP said he requested his legal team to identify the officers involved and take legal action against them in their individual capacity.

A UPDF soldier uses a pair of pliers to torture a man arrested during Bobi Wine protests (FILE PHOTO)

“We are also gathering evidence to strengthen the case we filed at the United Nations Committee Against Torture. In the meantime, all citizens of Uganda must rise up and condemn this level impunity. I have said many times that not all security personnel are this brutal. I hope those who still have some values can join the nation in condemning the rogues who work amongst them.”

“You don’t want to put on a uniform or identity with a force whose image is being soiled by these rogue elements! Uganda is for all of us. We cannot continue to be treated like this in our own country. NO. We are not slaves. We deserve to be treated with dignity and only we the people can put an end to this madness.
We shall overcome,” he added.

On Friday, police also vowed to institute disciplinary action against the officers involved the beatings.

“There is a video circulating on social media platforms showing our officers behaving in a manner that is unacceptable under our professional code of conduct. We have opened an inquiry into the conduct of these officers. These acts are not institutionalized, but individual acts that have no place in the Uganda Police Force. This is why all individuals involved will be investigated and penalised in accordance with the law. Justice will be done,” a police statement read in part.



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