MTN vows to continue with Nyege Nyege festival amid gay allegations by minister Lokodo

MTN Uganda Chief Marketing Officer; Olivier Prentout (2nd from left) poses with Derek Debru; Co-Founder of Nyege Nyege (black t-shirt), and ; Talent Africa CEO (extreme right) at the MTN Nyege Nyege Festival launch at The Square Palace on Wednesday 21st, Feb 2018. MTN Uganda  has vowed to continue with the festival amidst rumours of the blocking (FILE PHOTO)

KAMPALA – Telecom giants MTN Uganda have insisted the company will continue with Nyege Nyege Festival as planned despite homosexuality claims raised by Ethics and Integrity Minister Rev. Fr. Simon Lokodo.

In a statement posted on the company’s social media pages shortly after the minister issued a letter calling for the cancellation of the festival, MTN noted, “the Party is STILL ON with only 2 days to #MTNNyegeNyege, the biggest festival of the year.”

When PML Daily contacted Mr Val Okecho, the Corporate Communications Manager at MTN Uganda, he said the company was not aware of any official communication from the minister, or any other authority.

“No, we have not received any official communication. It seems to be addressed to the Minister of Internal Affairs, not us,” he said.

Fr. Lokodo’s letter confirms allegations in a document in circulation on social media that has made damning allegations against the Nyege Nyege Festival sponsored by MTN Uganda including having sex with animals, open group sex and homosexuality claims.

The document further claims that festival is a gay congregation and that they people will travel across nations in thousands to attend the highly advertised event at the River Nile in Jinja.

In a letter dated September 3, Fr Lokodo said he has received credible information that the festival, which starts on September 6 at the Source of the Nile in Jinja, has been compromised to recruit young people into homosexuality. “I have received credible information that from religious leaders, opinion leaders and local authorities that the purpose of this festival, in the last two years, has been compromised to accommodate the celebration and recruitment of young people into homosexuality, and LGBT movement,” the letter reads in part.

“The underlying motive of this heavily advertised event may compromise the national integrity and put our citizens at risk of deviant sexual immorality. I urge you to instruct the Inspector General of Police to stop this event.

I also propose to have a meeting with you, the Inspector General of Police and the Director CIID to discuss the matter,” the letter adds.

Ethics and Integrity Minister, Fr. Lokodo, announcing MTN Nyege Nyege ban at Media Center September 4 (PML Daily PHOTO)

Fr Lokodo also has the backing of Parliament on the matter as Hon Nsaba Buturo (Bufumbira County East) told the legislators on Tuesday afternoon that the festival taking place in Jinja this weekend is a congregation of the gay community and should be stopped.

“I want government to intervene in this likelihood of this festival,” he said adding that “the motive behind this event may compromise the country’s integrity and put citizens at a risk of deviant sexual immorality.”

Section of the public including Mr Maurice Mugisha, the NTV news manager in a twitter post rubbishing the social media reports on the festival saying the public should disregard such messages and strive to promote the local music industry and the arts.

“Whatever their intentions, It’s very unfortunate that some people are choosing to discredit what could soon be the biggest festival in the region,” Mugisha posted.



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