Justice Kanyeihamba: Uganda on brink as good people go silent

Retired Supreme Court Judge Prof. George W. Kanyeihamba expressed concern over the silence of the”good people in Uganda following the increasing political tension (FILE PHOTO)

KAMPALA – Retired Supreme Court Judge and newspaper columnist Prof. George W. Kanyeihamba has sounded the red alert saying the country is on the brink.

In his latest Sunday Monitor column “Where have all good Ugandans gone“, Kanyeihamba says:

“When a country reaches a stage where only the bad people, or those who condone or ignore wrongdoers, are the ones who speak and prosper and the good people are silent, that country becomes a failed state”.

He adds:

“If that same country continues to rely more and more on less and less enlightened leaders and people who are incapable of appreciating what is good or bad for their country, that country is in very serious trouble”.

“It is the same when the country’s elite fear to give advice or are afraid to discuss publicly or sharing opinions about what is right or wrong in their society and then surrender their acumen and allow the uninitiated and poor thinkers to do the thinking for the country. That country is doomed,” says Prof. Kanyeihamba in his column.



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