Bishops fight over church ownership

Bishop Dan Zoreka of Kinkizi Diocese in Kanungu and Bishop Benon Magezi of North Kigezi Diocese in Rukungiri district respectively, to end up courts of law over church control. (FILE PHOTO)

KIGEZI- The Kigezi bishops Rt. Rev. Benon Magezi, the Bishop of North Kigezi Diocese in Rukungiri district and Rev. Dan Zoreka, the Bishop of Kinkiizi Diocese in Kanungu district are in serious biff over the ownership of Rugandu church.

The Rugandu Church of Uganda, which is located in Kigaga Parish, Rutenga Sub County at the border of the two districts is seen to hinder chaos between bishops after failing to tell where it exactly belongs.

Following the wrangles, Bishop Magezi closed the church about four months ago after its members failed to know where they fall.

However, on Monday, Rev Zoreka forcefully reopened it, saying that his North Kigezi Diocese colleague had acted randomly.

Zoreka during the service, cautioned Bishop Magezi against involving himself in the affairs of Kinkiizi Diocese.

Ruganda church of Uganda under contention between the two dioceses. (PML Daily Photo)

In his comments, Bishop Magezi, condemned Zoreka’s action of reopening the church and threatened to drag him to court for trespass

“I had talked to him not to interfere in the affairs of my diocese by opening that church, but he went and used force. He leaves us with no choice but to involve the courts of law,” said Bishop Magezi.

The Diocese of Kinkiizi is one of the Anglican Dioceses in the province of the Church of Uganda after being carved out of North Kigezi Diocese on May 7th 1995.

Kigezi Diocese was formerly part of the Ankole Kigezi Diocese until 1967 when she became a separate Diocese. North Kigezi was later carved from Kigezi Diocese in 1981. Kigezi area now comprises the four Dioceses of Kigezi, Muhabura created in 1990 and Kinkiizi.



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