Suspected thug killed in fire exchange with police over stolen cattle

The motorised patrol Police intercepted a truck with 12 stolen cattle in Kajjansi on Friday night (PML DAILY Photo)

KAJJANSI – The motorised patrol Police in Kajjansi on Friday night intercepted a truck with 12 stolen cattle

The thieves attacked the patrollers with pangas and in the process, one was put out of action.

The two thieves identified as Moses Nsubuga and Hassan Kashumba pulled off a night heist in the areas of Nakigalala and invaded homesteads stealing cattle.

Kajjansi Police were tipped off by a trusted source about the thieves, swung into action and setup a snap check point.

As the thieves approached the barricades, they jumped out their vehicle with pangas and attacked the police officers. This act prompted the armed personnel lying in wait to put out of action one suspect who has been identified as Moses Nsubuga.

One of the cattle owners revealed that the thugs had been sighted in the area posing as potential buyers while they surveyed different potential homes. Its believed that the suspects were able to master the sleeping hours of the owners and the grazing pattern of the animals before the d-day.

Upon questioning, the surviving suspect identified as Kashumba said their motive for the survey was to study the environment and the possible routes of escape.

Police managed to impound a motor vehicle Canter registration number UAY 633G, visit and examine the scene of crime and body of the deceased taken to Mulago Mortuary for postmortem.

Seven of the stolen cattle were ably identified and claimed by their rightful owners.

The suspect is currently detained at Kajjansi Police Station and pending to be charged in courts of law in connection with animal theft vide CRB 569/2018.



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