Senior State Attorney to face High Court trial over corruption

Counsel Elisha Bafiirawala,a principal State Attorney in the AG’s office, has been committed to the High Court for trial for costing government Shs.37m in a July 25 Anti Corruption court ruling (FILE PHOTO)

KAMPALA – The Principal State Attorney in the Attorney General’s office, Elisha Bafiirawala, has been committed to the High Court to stand trial on charges of abuse of office and causing government financial loss of 37 million shillings.

The ruling was made by the Anti-Corruption Court in a session presided over by the Chief Magistrate, Ms Agnes Alum on Wednesday.

Ms Alum committed Bafiirawala and his co-accused, Mr Abubaker Sebanja, a private lawyer, after Mr Thomas Okoth from the IGG’s office informed court that inquiries into the matter are complete.

The magistrate ordered that the duo appear before the High Court Deputy Registrar, Ms Susan Kanyange, on August 6.

Mr Bafiirawala, alongside Mr Sebanja are accused of conniving to steal the said money arising out of settlement of a judgment debt. Both accused persons deny the charges.

Prosecution says Mr Bafiirawala handled a case on behalf of Government that was filed and successfully won by a Construction company, Babcon Uganda Ltd , against Lake Victoria Management Project in 2008. However, in abuse of the authority, in August 2012, Mr Bafiirawala allegedly falsely initiated and caused a payment of Shs37m to Mr Sebanja through his law firm of M/S Sebanja, Malende & Co. Advocates, well aware that his actions would cause a financial loss to the Government since Lake Victoria Management Project had already paid the authorized parties.

Mr Bafiirawala was among the government lawyers who argued against the consolidated presidential age limit petition in Mbale Court that is scheduled for judgment today, Thursday.



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