MP Nambooze reported stranded in India as she lacks money for another surgery

MP Betty Nambooze at Manipal Spine Care Centre in Banglore,India (FILE PHOTO)

INDIA– Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke who was taken back to India for an operation is stranded at hospital apartments after failing to raise money for another surgery.

Nambooze had been injured during the scuffle in Parliament about the amendment of article 102b and sustained a fracture spine. She was taken to India for operation and metallic screws and plates were inserted in her back.

The MP was supposed to return back for a review and assessment in February but unfortunately she failed as Parliament delayed to clear bills in time with the Ministry of Health.

On July 4, Nambooze was rushed back to India for yet another operation and last week on July 11, she underwent an operation to align the skewed metal implant that was placed in her lower back, last year.

Nambooze’s operation and assessment in India was a success. However the doctors discovered that she sustained a compressed sciatic nerve that left pain on her left leg so they recommended her for a major operation on her knee which requires money.

Latest developments indicates that the MP is currently on the leave and stranded at Manipal Spine Care Centre in Banglore hospital apartment after failing to raise $10,500 (Shs38m) required to undergo a knee surgery.

While speaking at a press conference in Kampala on Saturday, Mr. Elvis Kintu Nsonyi who is one of Nambooze’s lawyers said that the doctors realized that one of her knees was also injured.

“So after that, she had to undergo another major surgery in the knee. Now this is the very critical situation because in our perception, this pending surgery is actually more intensive than the one she has undergone,” He said.

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He added that the Parliament had cleared the hospital bills but unfortunately the ambulance rammed into the police track in which Nambooze was carried leaving her leg injured which calls for a fresh surgery. Mr. Nsonyi said that the MP cries out for friends to raise money for the knee surgery.

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Ms Nambooze continues to lie helplessly in severe pain as she is receives medication from an apartment waiting for the Parliament to release money for her.

However, PMLDaily has tried to contact the Director in charge of communication at Parliament, Mr. Chris Obore in order to get a comment regarding the issue, but were futile as the calls went unanswered.




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