Minister Kamya beats Lord Mayor Lukwago in court

The Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago had applied to court to summon the minister for Kampala Beti Kamya to explain why she declared the authority meetings illegal among others. High Court Judge Henrietta Wolayo however ruled that Beti Kamya is not compellable to appear in Court but rather can appear voluntarily to justify her actions of the claim. (FILE PHOTO)

KAMPALA- The Kampala Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago’s efforts to have the Minister for Kampala Beti Kamya to appear in Court  and explain the  allegations of interfering with his executive by illegally passing-off as the political head of the city whereas she is not.

This after High Court  Judge Henrietta Wolayo ruled that Beti Kamya is not compellable to appear in Court but she can only appear voluntarily to justify her actions of claiming to be the political head of Kampala City.

“When a person swears an affidavit, he or she may appear voluntarily in court, but should not be compelled,” Justice Wolayo said before adjourning the matter to August 30..

The Lord Mayor through his lawyer, Lawyer Chrisestom Katumba had applied to Court to summon the minister to explain why she declared the authority meetings illegal,  how Kampala city is governed by the central government , where she gets the mandate to convene meetings with urban councilors and mayors and why she subjects the Lord Mayor to ministerial permit before travelling abroad.

However the minister through her lawyer Mc Dusman Kabega opposed Lukwago’s application and submitted that everything which his client does is within the KCCA Act and government standing policy.

Lukwago dragged the minister to Court accusing her of interfering with the executive powers of his office.

He claims his mandate to serve as the duly elected mayor of the city has been usurped by Kamya who even took a decision on January 23rd 2018 to suspend council meetings where deliberations and decisions on how to govern the city are made.

Lukwago wants orders quashing Kamya’s decision regarding the legality of Council meetings and other decisions such as subjecting all his out of the country travels as the Lord Mayor to a “ministerial permit”.

Lukwago claims such decisions are an infringement and abuse of his rights and freedoms.

In a related develop the case filed by Lukwago against his employer KCCA  and the Executive Director Jennifer Musisi and Beti Kamya  had been adjourned to October 8 by Justice Andrew Bashaijja to give more room for out of court settle.

Lukwago dragged to the High court, the Minister for Kampala Beti , the Executive Director Kampala Capital City Authority Jennifer Musisi, the Attorney General of Government and KCCA, seeking orders compelling the respondents to release his accumulated emoluments and salary arrears for the period of December2013 to May/2016.

The total sum for the 30months Lukwago is demanding stands at 563.4million shillings.

Lukwago also wants court to declare the conduct of the respondents in continuing to freeze his emoluments without justification, as improper in law, and further orders be made in respect to pay him damages for the psychological torture, mental anguish and emotion stress he has suffered.



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