Land probe committee summons Minister Namuganza over land grabbing

Commission of inquiry into land matter – led by Lady Justice Bamugemereire(R) – has summoned State Minister for Lands Persis Namuganza (L) over allegations of evicting 350 families off their land in Mubende (FILE PHOTO)

MUBENDE – The Commission of inquiry into land matters has summoned State Minister for Lands Persis Namuganza to explain why she connived with a one Milly Naava and other District authorities in Mubende to evict 350 families.

The committee chaired by lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire summoned Minister Namuganza on allegations that she led a delegation to State House to deceive the said families that President Yoweri Musevei was going to compensate them.

The Commission also ordered for the arrest of an impostor Ms Naava who evicted families on a 3 square mile land in Kituule Village Kitorogo Sub-county in Mubende District, on claims that she owns the said land on Presidential authority.

While testifying before the commission, Mr Herman Byakatonda, a witness told the commission that Ms Naava attempted to con President Museveni of Shs 4 billion in exchange for the disputed land.

Byakatonda claimed that the transaction had been facilitated by Minister Namuganza and Mubende Woman MP, Benny Namugwanya.

“We met President Museveni at State House and when he asked Naava what she wanted, she responded that she wanted to sell to him a square mile of land at Shs 4 billion. I realized she wanted to sell land that did not belong to her,” Byakatonda testified.

Byakatonda said he explained to Museveni that he had occupied the disputed land since his birth prompting Museveni to promise to send a verification team to ascertain the claims.

Evidence before the Commission shows that in 2013, Naava in company of a UPDF Major Eric Kigambwoha and other Security Personnel evicted over 3,000 Bibanja holders from 16 villages on a three-square mile land in Mubende Block 60, Plot 1.

The villages include Nakasagazi, Kibalagazi, Kibalagazi, Kakakanembe, Bukyamuzi, Kisombe and Mulanda among others.



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