It was rigged! FDC vows court action as NRM wins Njeru Municipality MP seat

President Museveni campaigns for NRM flag bearer, Yassin Kyazze, in Njeru Mayoral race at Buwagajjo Health Center III in Buikwe district ahead of Friday’s polls. FDC candidate Amos Kivumbi has drugged winner, Yassin to court of vote bribery in the just concluded polls (FILE PHOTO)

NJERU – The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) candidate in the Njeru Municipality parliamentary election, Mr Amos Kivumbi, has vowed to petition court challenging the victory of the NRM candidate, Mr Yasin Kyazze.

In the Friday election, Mr Kyazze was declared winner of the highly contested election, garnering 15,248 votes, followed by an Independent, Diana Mutasingwa Nakunda, who got 5,343 votes while Kivumbi polled 4,286. Other Independents scored as follows; Ceaser Kalema got 3,838 votes , Aziz Jjunju 2,151 votes , and Joseph Opondo Opondo 261 votes only.

However, Mr Kivumbi said the election was married by voter bribery, specifically pointing out Mr Kyazze for donating an ambulance to voters which was given to him by President Museveni just two days to the polling day.

“Why should Mr Museveni donate an ambulance before the elections? I’m going to sue Kyazze basing on that donation. It means he look at people as votes,” Mr Kivumbi told journalists on Saturday morning at Buikwe District headquarters where the election results were declared.

Jinja Regional Referral Hospital Director Dr. Edward Nkurunziza (left) and Commissioner in charge of Emergency Medical Services Dr John Baptist Nambo receive President Museveni’s ambulance (PML Daily PHOTO)

While campaigning for Mr Kyazze, on Monday, Mr Museveni received complaints from residents at the rally, including Mr Kyazze, that the newly created municipality has no ambulance, which he promised to deliver. He came good on his promise when the ambulance, registration number UG 4648 M, was handed over to Mr Kyazze by the Commissioner in charge of Emergency Medical services in the Ministry of Health, Dr John Baptist Nambohe Waniaye, on Wednesday, two days to the election.

Mr Kivumbi said this donation influenced the voters.

He added: “An ambulance is not a big problem in Njeru, the problem is hospitals because we have only health center 11s and 111s only and without drugs and staff so where will the ambulance take the patients because currently patients are referred to Kawolo and Jinja Hospital .All roads are full of potholes where will it pass, we already have ambulance of MP Paul Musoke, for st Francis hospital and other clinics.’’

Supporter of the Njeru Municipality Mayoral FDC candidate, Amos Kivumbi traverse Njeru in campaign. He has challenged NRM’s Yasin win citing voter malpractice (FILE PHOTO)

Mr Kalema, an independent candidate, also vowed to challenge Kyazze’s victory.

“What he did is inducing voters, he diverted most of them, if it was not politically motivated, Mr Museveni would have directed the ministry to send it after the polls. But why did he donate it hurriedly. He promised on Monday and deliver on Wednesday with an intention of bribing people to vote in favour of NRM candidate,’ he said.

However,Mr Kyazze urged those who lost to join him in developing Njeru Municipality.



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