They destroyed my kidney! Furious mother takes on Nakasero hospital over negligence

Nakasero Hospital has been dragged to court by a former patient, one Victoria Kirunda for a hemorrhage suffering during a C-Section operation of her twins that amounted to removal of the uterus by Dr. Robert Busingye

KAMPALA – Nakasero Hospital has been dragged to court by one of its clients for having allegedly failed to detect symptoms that exposed her to potential loss of her right kidney when she went to the facility to deliver her twin babies by Caesarean-section in 2016.

In his law suit that she filed against the hospital and its Dr. Robert Busingye before the High Court Civil Division, Ms Victoria Kirunda Kobel claims that on March 24, 2016, she delivered her baby twins and that as a result of the operation, she suffered hemorrhage, which in the opinion of Dr Busingye, necessitated an operation to remove the uterus.

“In the course of the 1st or 2nd operation, the 2nd defendant (Dr Busingye), who was singly in charge of both operations, ligated the ureter of the right kidney of the plaintiff (Ms Kirunda) effectively, blocking the flow from the said kidney to the bladder.” Reads the court documents in part.

Ms Kirunda states that after the delivery of her twins, she routinely complained about discomfort and pain in her lower abdominal area and an abdominal scan was carried to that effect, with results showed she had ‘mild right sided hydronephrosis’.

She contends that discomfort and pain become persistent causing her to return for review to Nakasero Hospital six days after the discharge and Dr Busingye recommended that an MRI be done, however the results were not shared with her but Dr Busingye told her to start on medication which did not work.

“Nakasero Hospital did not treat this condition of hydronephrosis of the right kidney as they should have and thus sought assistance at Nairobi Hospital in Kenya, where it was confirmed that the ureter on her right kidney had been ligated,” documents further indicate.

Through her lawyers of AF Mpanga Advocates, Ms Kirunda holds Nakasero Hospital and Dr Busingye liable for negligence for having allegedly failed in their duty to correctly assess, advise, manage and care for her thereby causing her to suffer loss and damage.

She adds that health facility and Dr Busingye, severally breached their respective duty of care owed to her and she now wants Shs60m paid to her as special damages. She also wants court to award her general damages and aggravated damages plus costs of the suit.



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