HAPPENING NOW: UPC’s Ochan takes early lead in Apac Municipality MP election

UPC’s Patrick Ochan take the lead in the hotly contested Apac Municipality MP election (FILE PHOTO)

APAC – Patrick Ochan is currently ahead of seven other challengers as counting gets underway.

He is leading in the four divisions of the municipality: Akere, Agulu, Atik and Arocha.

The other candidates in the race are former State minister for Tourism Jovino Akaki Ayumu (NRM), FDC’s George Okello Ekwaro, and Independents Rev John Robert Atim Etime, Mr Patrick Cono Okello, Bishop Stanley Engena-Maitum (son of former president Milton Obote), and former Woman MP Lucy Ajok.

For instance, in Arocha Division, Ochan garnered 211 votes. At Omuku-wie polling station in Agulu Division, Ochan got 94 votes; Akaki (64), Rev Atim Etime (40), Cono Okello (57), Odongo (11), Ajok (21), Dr Okello Ekwaro and Bishop Engena-Maitum managed 27 and 20 votes respectively.

At Olili polling station in Atik Division, Ochan got 58 votes; Odongo (08), Dr Okello (05), Engena-Maitum (03), Cono Okello (63), Ajok (07), Akaki (23) and Rev Atim Etime walked away with nothing.

At Dwok can ikweri polling station in Agulu Division, Ochan swept 168 votes, Akaki got 83 votes; Rev Atim Etime (01), Engena-Maitum (01), Ajok (03), Odongo (01), Cono Okello (45) and Dr Okello Ekwaro managed 07 votes.

Also, the results from Aroca P7 polling station in Akere Division put Okello on the lead. He got 213 votes; Akaki (43), Ajok (02), Cono Okello (11), Engena-Maitum (03), Odongo (04), Dr Okello Ekwaro (04), while Rev Atim Etime got nothing.

At St Thomas polling station, Akere Division, Ochan obtained 83 votes; Engena-Maitum (00), Odongo (02), Dr Okello Ekwaro (02), Akaki (53), Ajok (03), Atim Etime (01) and Cono Okello got 31 votes.

At Amonika polling station, Agulu Division, Ajok got 02 votes; Ochan (258), Engena-Maitum (00), Atim Etime (01), Akaki (74), Cono Okello (21) Odongo and Dr Okello Ekwaro managed 05 and 03 votes respectively.

More details to follow as counting continues…



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