MPs bid farewell to NRM billboard, Opposition say Abiriga was unifying factor

Abiriga’s body at Ghadaffi Mosque from where it was taken to Parliament on Sunday.

Parliament Sunday morning mourned slain Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga who was heartlessy showered with bullets and killed with his brother and body guard Saidi Kongo on Friday evening, a few metres from his home in Kawanda, Wakiso District.

The session started with the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga calling for 15 minutes of mourning for the former MP as MPs were allowed time to mourn their colleague.

Ms Winnie Kiiza, the Leader of Opposition in Parliament said Abiriga’s death shouldn’t be politicised and his killers should be brought to book.

“Abiriga was a unifying factor to us all in Parliament despite our political differences, even when you didn’t agree on something, he would later come back to you and turn it into a joke and you move on in happiness,” Ms Kizza said, adding: “I asked him one day why he would always dress in yellow, he said I am who I am, I am not like those who are dressed in some colours during day and other colours during the night, which made a statement to me.”

She further stated that NRM has for long been voted for it’s continued security to the country but with all the killings going on in the country, where does the party stand?

The deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Olulanyah said the assailants seem to be broad and confideny killing in broad day light, urging government to wake up.

Abiriga 63, is survived by a widow and nine children and his body was flown to his ancestral home in Arua, a vigil will he held later at Arua Primary School and later laid to rest on Monday in Luduwu village, Arua District.



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