Kitatta should be tried with senior police officers, say Lukwago, Kirumira


Kitatta, boda boda 2010 leader crime suspect

In yet another critical indictment of indiscipline in police, Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and former Buyende District Police Commander Muhammad Kirumira has said many Boda Boda 2010 patron Abdullah Kitatta should be tried in the General Court Martial alongside senior officers, arguing that they groomed him and supported his illegal activities.

Kampala Lord mayor Elias Rukwago on matters of Kitatta

Kitatta is currently being tried in the military court alongside 12 others in connection with unlawful possession of fire arms.

But Kirumira, who was recently demoted by the Police disciplinary court, said Kitatta, while reportedly committing his crimes, was escorted by police men who also gave him guns.

“I was lucky to witness the grand launch of Kitatta’s Boda Boda 2010 Association when I was still a police constable. The entire Martin Road was closed that day since his first tiny office was located next to that big supermarket, opposite Shell,” he said.

“He was praised and groomed by police, he was given armed escorts who were police men, I wonder why he is actually charged alone yet his accomplices are in police, all guns in Uganda are numbered and marked especially in armed forces, it’s easy to trace the origins of the same,” he added.

Kitatta was arrested on January 20, a day after CMI apprehended his young brother Huzairu Kiwalabye in connection with the kidnap and killing of Case Hospital accountant Francis Ekalungar. Ekalungar was kidnapped on January 2 as he took the hospital’s money worth Shs15m to the bank. His body was discovered a day later at Kajjansi, burnt beyond recognition.

Kirumira insisted that Kitatta had become untouchable because of his relationship with senior officers.

Kirumira, former DPC Buyende district

“I have watched Kitatta and his fellow uninformed men doing havoc to people, including undermining a government structures. He used to abuse ministers, KCCA directors, RDCs, police offices at various levels of management to the extent of taking over administration of markets by forces like in Busega and Kasubi,” he said.

“When power took over his sub conscious, he took over taxi industry and declared himself chairman of all drivers in Uganda. As usual some of us took him on but we were quickly silenced by our colleagues who were after getting favours from him so as to talk good of them before then IGP Kale

Kayihura to acquire big appointments and ranks since he was the de facto number 2 in police,” he adds.

He said Kitatta should be charged with his associates in police and his remaining associates like Kafeero Atanus should not be reserved.

“One day I recovered over 11 motorcycles and returned some to owners while I was still at Old Kampala Police Division but I got my share of blames. We should help society get rid of these wrong elements or else we shall all be victims and some big people should restrain from grooming such illiterate people who take the lives of others for granted. I wish to thank the UPDF for saving this nation by arresting these men and other associates who were taking police as personal property.”

Mr Lukwago added that much as he is obliged to respect the subjudice rule, Kitata’s gun case before the General Court Martial raises fundamental issues that call for serious interrogation by an objective mind.

“For starters, it is public knowledge that Kitata’s apparent criminal conduct is inextricably connected with the state inspired transgressions and impunity. Wouldn’t it then be fair and just to have his accomplices and/ or God fathers within the top echelons of the security system and government share the same dock instead of letting him shed tears alone?” he said on Facebook page on Tuesday.

“Can the senior Army officers sitting on the General Court Martial convince us that they are oblivious of the source(s) of those two unique, glittering or dazzling and brand new gold-coated pistols which were ostensibly found in possession of Kitatta!?..Banana Republic!” he added.






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