40 Ugandan women and girls rescued in Thailand

Thailand authorities interrogating the women and girls (Photos by agencies)

Police and other authorities in Thailand in the wake of  Wednesday, 16th May, 2018 rescued over 40 Ugandan girls and women who were to be trafficked to countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, among others where they are used as slaves.

Speaking on behalf of Thailand government, Lt Gen Jaruvat Vaisaya  said the government together with other security made it a top priority this year to stop and shut down trafficking tendencies within, into and through Thailand.

‘There will be no more using Thailand for the terrible crime of trafficking people.’ he said.

Lt Gen Vaisaya explained to the Ugandan government that they are using different methods to get information from the rescued women on how they came into Thailand but says some said they are promised good paying jobs and lured with money and convinced to leave Uganda for a ‘better’ life.

Two months ago, a team of MPS who visited United Arab Emirates learnt that many Ugandans were being tortured in UAE yet they had paid hefty amounts of money and left the country in search for a better lifestyle.

Nimisha Madhvani, Ambassador to United Arab Emirates told the government of Uganda that Ugandan girls were being sold in slave markets in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, among others.

Some of jobs the girls do aboard especially when it falls dark

The head of the Thailand Anti Trafficking in Persons Task Force(TATIP), Lt Gen Jaruvat said the number of Ugandans rescued is the largest number of people rescued in recent years in Thailand  and also further stated that after interrogating some of the women, he learnt that once the girls get to Thailand, they discover that they were duped, they realize there’s no job, the money they were given back at home is taken from them and also told that they have to first pay a debt of $4000 dollars before getting any payment, how is that possible? he said.

The women are later subjected to inhuman treatment like sexual abuse, among other inhumane acts stated the Lt Gen.

He further stated that seven girls had been deported back to Uganda and others would be brought back as well if they accept to cooperate with the Thailand government as he says some are still tight lipped and not willing to give any information about their perpetrators.

Ministry of Labour, Gender and Social Development is trying to streamline procedures for employment abroad by liaising with labour exporting companies to ensure that the rights of those seeking for employment are not violated at their work places away from home.



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