Police to punish officers who paid IGP Ochola’s ‘son’ for promotions

Patrick Oloka at police on Wednesday: KMP PHOTO

Police officers who were involved in bribing a man who reportedly asked for money and a turkey or a cock to have them promoted, are facing investigation and will be punished, PML Daily has learnt.

Police in Kampala on Wednesday arrested and detained a one Patrick Oloka who had turned it into a habbit to con police officers promising them juicy deployments as well as promotions.

Oloka, a resident of Kisugu, a Kampala Surburb, is said to have claimed to be a son of newly appointed IGP, Martin Okoth-Ochola, a lie he used to con various police officers.

In a telephone interview with PML Daily on Friday, police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said all officers found guilty of participating in the scam will face the law regardless of having exposed Oloka.

“First of all we have to appreciate the officers that led us to this man, however, any officer that involves himself in corrupt tendencies must face the law, so we are carrying out further investigations, if they are found guilty, they have to be charged,” Mr Kayima said.

On Wednesday, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations spokesperson Mr Vincent Sekate, said some of the police officers that had fallen prey to Oloka’s lies had recorded statements and confirmed the allegations and that more than eight officers had fallen victims.

It is said that the suspect would collect between Shs300,000 and Shs500,000 and would also ask for either a turkey or a cock to act as gifts to the IGP and in turn told these officers to wait as he lured ‘his father’ into fulfilling their requests.

Oloka however denies the allegations made against him but insists IGP Ochola is his uncle.

Police boss Martin Okoth- Ochola

Oloka was arrested after one of the victims checked out with the IGP’s office and found out that he was just putting up a facade.

The victim opened up a criminal case at CID headquarters in Kibuli which later led to Oloka’s arrest.

Mr Sekate said the suspect is detained on charges of impersonation and obtaining money by false pretence.

“By refering to IGP as my father, I was using it in a local context, to mean an elder, since he is my uncle”, Oloka told police.




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