Govt sets tough rules on importation of used cars

Buyers and sellers of used vehicles face tougher times as government moves to curtail their importation into the country.

According to the Traffic and Road Safety Act 2018, which is an amendment of the 1998 Act, government has increased registration fees for second hand vehicles and also banned the importation of vehicles that are eight years old from the date of manufacture.

However, this will not apply to tractors, lorries, fire fighters, mobile vans, tankers and cesspool emptiers among others.

Those that are five years old from the manufacturing date will also be required to pay an environmental fine.

This, the government believes, will help to offset the environmental impact brought by deadly fumes from these old cars.

The new rules signed off by Works minister Monica Azuba indicate that for registration fees, sedan, saloon and passenger vehicles below 28-seating capacity will be required to pay Shs1.5m, while the estate and station wagon cars with engine capacity of 3500CC and above will pay Shs1.7m.

The new rules take effect on July 1.



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