57 UPDF officers pipped with new ranks in Gulu

Some of the newly promoted officers pose with district leaders after the pipping ceremenony: PHOTOS BY DAVID OKEMA

GULU- A total of 57 army officers were decorated with various ranks following the recent promotion announced by President Yoweri Museveni.

Among the officers pipped, 35 belonged to the land forces and 22 from the Air Force department.

The 4th Infantry Division commander, Brig. Emmanuel Kanyesigye, who presided over the pipping ceremony said promotions make soldiers proud because it boosts their morale. The function took place at 4th Infantry Division headquarters in Gulu town.

Among the officers decorated included Nathan Bainomugisha, Stephen Kasoma, and Ben Matovu promoted from Major to Lieutenant Colonel, while 21 captains were promoted to Major including Gulu RDC, Capt. Santo Okot Lapolo, six lieutenants including one female officer Vicky Achiro were promoted to a rank of captain and a total of 27 officers with 2nd lieutenants were promoted to lieutenants.

Gulu District chairman Ojara Mapenduzi and Brig Kanyesigye decorate Capt. Vicky Achiro.

Capt. Lapolo thanked President Musevni and CDF Gen. David Muhoozi for the acknowledgment of different talents and contribution towards protection of peace and security in Northern Uganda.

He urges fellow officers to respect the civilians because UPDF officers get promotions basing on their work with the people they protect.

“As long as you are patient, committed to protection of peace and security, knowledgeable that UPDF derive power from civilians, you are bound to get promoted. You have to manage the expectation of the people because people will want to realize a difference in your new ranks. So, promotion comes with task and challenges,” he said.

He cautioned the officers to embrace team work if they want to succeed citing that Northern Uganda was able to gain peace from the Lord Resistance Army rebel that lasted for over 20 years because of the joint effort of the civilians, leaders and the UPDF.

“Embrace team work both is position and possession if you want to succeed. When you get promotions the responsibility is widen in term of operation. Be vigilant be careful from bad vices of corruption. Many colleagues have lost their lives because of jumping from one woman to another hence getting HIV/AIDS,” he cautioned.

Capt. Vicky Achiro, the only female officer from the division headquarters, said since she joined the Force in 2008 as a cadet officer, she is grateful to have been promoted on merit. She noted that she has been awarded with three medals and a promotion for her two different services under African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM)

Gulu District Chairman Martin Ojara Mapenduzi, who also participated in the piping of the newly-promoted officers, pledged full commitment of the district to work with the UPDF to ensure people live in safety and dignity.

Brig Kanyesigye (L) and Brig Olanya Ojara, the chairman Militray Court Martial 4th Infantry Division decorate Gulu RDC Capt. Lapolo.



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