More details emerge on Susan Magara’s kidnap and murder

Susan Magara

Susan Magara was killed by her kidnappers despite her father paying the Shs700m ransom money demanded by kidnappers, PML Daily has learnt.

Magara, who was kidnapped on February 7 from Kabaka Anjagala Road in Rubaga Division, Kampala, was later killed and her body discovered dumped at Kitiko, between Kigo and Kajjansi near the Entebbe Expressway.

Sources close to the family and police told this website that Magara’s father, Mr John Fitzegerald Magara, was forced to raise the money after the kidnappers sent him a video, which showed them chopping off his girl’s fingers and threatening to kill her if they did not raise the $1 million (about Shs3.6 billion) ransom, which was later reduced to Shs700m, following negotiations.

An audio recording shared by police highlights a man speaking in Runyoro, the native language of Magara’s family, directing the deceased’s father to pick something from a polythene bag around Bata Bata on Entebbe Road.

The polythene bag contained Magara’s chopped fingers, which were accompanied by a memory card with a video, indicating how they chopped off the fingers in pain. In the video, Magara was also pleading with the family to pay the kidnappers the ransom for her life to be saved. The kidnappers also directed the family where to place the ransom money.

Sources told PML Daily that the money was delivered to the kidnappers’ place of wish but they did not keep it and instead demanded that Magara’s mother deliver it single-handedly. This is because they feared that they were being tracked and that the deceased’s mother had come with military guards in civilian clothes.

Sources close to the family add that the deceased’s family ignored Flying Squad Unit’s instructions not to pay the ransom to the kidnappers. It is said that as part of the agreement, Susan was to be releasedon Tuesday, the day her body was recovered.

The kidnappers are also said to have used different simcards registered in different people’s names so as not to be traced.

It is believed the kidnap was a result of the deal gone bad with the deceased’s father. Mr Magara, who hails from Bunyoro Sub-region, owns a string of businesses, including Bwendero Dairy Farm in Hoima, where Susan worked.

In the intercepted audio, the kidnappers show clear knowledge of the deceased’s father.  Sources say the kidnappers were known to the family and that the money they demanded was not ransom but their share of a deal which went bad.

“You know these things, don’t dare include the police, do not inform any security agency and do not waste your time. Do not call Interpol, police or ISO. I know this game, I have played it for long. Otherwise I will do something to Susan (Magara) that you will never forget till you die,” one of the kidnappers is heard saying in Runyoro.

A family member is also heard responding: “I cannot sir, I won’t do it sir, No sir (in Runyoro).

The kidnapper adds: ‘Everything you try to do, everything, I know you, I have read the papers, you stay in Lubowa, I know your home in Hoima, your firm. Be loyal and cooperative or else you will get Susan (Magara) in pieces should you even be lucky. If you mess around you will not get a thing.”

Police have since offered Shs100m for anyone who provided information leading to Susan’s kidnap and murder.

Meanwhile, burial arrangements have been released.

On Wednesday, there is requiem mass at Our Lady of Africa Catholic Church, Mbuya and thereafter, the body will be taken to Hoima District for an overnight vigil in Kitoba Village.

On Thursday, there shall be another mass at St Kirigwajjo Catholic Church, Kitoba Parish and burial thereafter at 2pm.



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