Kampala hotel deaths: Finnish national was an arms dealer – report

Terasvouri was found dead at Pearl of Africa Hotel in Kampala: NET PHOTO

The Finnish national who died under mysterious circumstances in a Kampala hotel last week was an arm’s dealer, PML DAILY has learnt.

Toumas Juha Petteri Terasvouri was found dead at Pearl of Africa Hotel on February 5. The day before, he had arrived in the country claiming he was coming to meet ISO director general Frank Kaka Bagyenda. Col Bagyenda denied having invited him.

However, according to the Finnish national broadcaster, YLE, Petteri was an arm’s dealer working with Patria, a company that is contracted to supply weapons to the Finnish defence ministry.

The Patria head of communications, Birgitta Selonen, is quoted as saying that it allowed Petteri to travel to Kampala to market its products.

Selonen said the deceased had indicated that he was coming to meet Ugandan defence officials over the matter.

However, the Finnish arms control unit said it was not involved in any arms deal with the Kampala government.

On Sunday, this website reported that the ISO boss had dismissed claims that he had invited Petteri, adding that the latter may have been a victim of fraudsters.


And according to Kampala metropolitan police spokesman Luke owoyesigyire, Petteri presented a forged invitation letter, which they seized at the airport. Mr owoyesigyire said they are investigating the source of the letter.

A female ISO operative, who had reportedly gone to the airport to pick up Petteri, was arrested but released on police bond as there was no evidence pinning her to the death.

Police had earlier indicated that drugs were found in Petteri’s bedroom but could not directly connect his death to drug abuse.

Mr owoyesigyire said an autopsy report on the deceased had produced inconclusive results and further tests are being done.



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