Angry woman bites off Gulu LC chairman’s ear

Gulu Mayor, George Labeja calms down Monalisa Aber after she was kicked by Laroo LCIII Chairman, Moses Abonga: PHOTO BY OUR REPORTER

Drama ensued yesterday, Wednesday February 20, when a woman bit the ear of Laroo Division LCIII Chairman Moses Abonga after  a war of words broke out, later turning into fist fights between FDC and NRM diehards.

This was during elections for the Gulu Municipal Development Forum (MDF) executive, a forum that allows people to dialogue and find solutions to problems in their town.

The election, chaired by officials from Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban development turned chaotic when party representatives in local structures were elected in positions contrary to the guidelines of MDF elections that require participants to be none partisan either in elective or party structure leadership.

The scuffle started after Mr Abonga, who arrived late tried to back the elected representative of the boda boda group, who he says was not in any party structure. His colleagues from the NRM party disagreed with him. Pece Division Chairman, Kelly Komakech, the FDC Northern Region Mobiliser picked a quarrel with a councillor, Oyet Samuel Agwani sending the crowd shouting.

In the confusion, Abonga allegedly kicked Monalisa Aber, sending her crying and chasing after him until the town clerk, Francis Barabanawe and mayor George Labeja intervened to calm the situation.

Aber, a renowned social media commentator in Gulu, however, kept complaining that Abonga had kicked her for no reason.

After a while, Aber, seemingly calm sat next to Abonga. The crowd were shocked to see her biting the ear of the chairman.

Those seated near the two including Gulu deputy mayor, Pauline Lukwayi, separated them as Abonga struggled to pull his ear from Aber’s mouth. He was taken away bleeding  for treatment.

Police who were called in to manage the situation were left redundant as municipal and political leaders helped Faridah Namukasa, the Urban Development Officer from the Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development to calm the rowdy crowd.  Ms Namukasa presided over the GMDF election as the chairperson.

George Aligech, retained his position as the president of the forum with eight other core executive members to serve the municipality together with the division authorities for the next three years.



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