MP Lyomoki announces presidential bid, to challenge Museveni for party flag

MP Sam Lyomoki has announced his bid to stand for the Presidency. File photo.

KAMPALA–The Workers MP Sam Lyomoki has announced his intention to challenge President Museveni for the NRM party flag at the next election.

Lyomoki who was one of the NRM party members who opposed the removal of presidential age limits believes president Museveni’s time as president is coming to an end.

“His assignment and mission as given by the people of Uganda and even God has ended but he is now clinging on,” Lyomoki said of the president.

The combative legislator has predicted president Museveni’s regime to end inside of 12 years.

While announcing what he termed as a third force in the politics of Uganda, Lyomoki said the NRM regime under Museveni is a failing system in self-preservation mode.

Even though he declined to reveal those aligned with him to oust the current regime at the polls he notes that all the 27 NRM MPs who opposed the age limit bill are working alongside him noting that anyone of them could be chosen to challenge Museveni in the race.

“We are not very certain whom the god will choose and the people of Uganda but what I want to assure you is that I am one of them,” he said.

He told the press that he is acutely aware that he will be a target of persecution by the regime as a result of his bold announcement.

“We have been told that in this system when you announce, three things happen, One: either you are killed, Two: you are imprisoned or Three: you are impoverished, we are now ready for this struggle,” Lyomoki confidently asserted.

Lyomoki outlined some of his plans for the nation should he attain power noting that those who have amassed wealth illegally will be dealt with decisively.

He noted that he will grant immunity to the President but not to the public officials whom he accuses of assisting in the plunder of the nation’s coffers to prop up the regime. While singling out the central bank Governor Tumusiime Mutebile he sent out a stern warning to some of these public officials to reform immediately.

“People like Mutebile who is giving money from the Bank of Uganda, people in URA, some of the money does not even go to treasury the president just gets directly from URA……we are warning all these categories that they will be personally responsible if they are still alive at that time,” he warned.

The workers MP also has no kind words for the Inspector General of police Kale Kayihura whom he accused of creating criminal gangs like the so called “Kifeesi”.

“They must be careful those people who are creating those thugs like that man the IGP, he is one of them and we have started recording him and he should now behave because the time is limited,” he said accusingly.

He called upon the opposition to join the “third force” saying they possess similar elements of the current regime like politics of individual interest, he described them as lacking tactics to capture power.

“They have the boldness but they lack the tactics, actually if you look at the conventional opposition they have certain elements of the current movement, because the way our brother Dr. Besigye and Muntu the way they have been behaving their politics is also not good,” he stated.

According to the directory of the 10th parliament Dr. Lyomoki holds a medical degree that he obtained from Makerere University in 1987, He has been a Member of Parliament since 1996 and has held the position of Secretary General of the Central Organisation of Free Trade Unions since 2003.



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