Catholic Church, Fr Kibuuka agree to cease fire

Father Jacinto Kibuuka addresses journalists recently. File photo.

KAMPALA–The Catholic Church and Fr.Jacinto Kibuuka, the Bishop of the Antiochian Eastern Orthodox Church, have entered an agreement in which they have agreed never to attack each other.

There has been a rift between the Rubaga based set up and their former Catholic who was in 2016 suspended from his priestly duties.

He would later quit the Roman Catholic Church for the Orthodox Church and was recently consecrated as the new Bishop of the Antiochian Eastern Orthodox Church in Uganda and Eastern Africa.

Shortly after his consecration, Catholic lawyers filed for criminal prosecutions against Kibuuka on accusations of uttering words and engaging in act that ‘injured feelings’ of the Roman Catholic Church leaders and followers when he referred to them as ‘abayaaye’(crooks) while appearing on a local radio station.

However, the State later lose interest and withdraw the case. In a consent withdrawal dated January 8, between Anthony Wameli for Fr.Kibuuka and Ssemwanga Muwazi for the Catholic lawyers, both parties have agreed that the continued hostility on both sides should stop with immediate effect and they live in harmony.

“The applicant, Fr.Kibuuka shall desist from vilification of the Roman Catholic religion.The Roman Catholic lawyers association, their agents, servants or persons acting under them shall forthwith cease vilification of Fr.Kibuuka’s faith,” reads in part the consent agreement that this website has seen.

According to the agreement, both parties have been barred from offending each other on top of making hate speech against leaders from both sides. The agreement further bars Fr Kibuuka from violating any ‘object’ held sacred to the Roman Catholic Church on top of reproducing, imitating and mimicking the same.

Fr. Jacinto Kibuuka, who had been ordained into priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church in 2008 announced his decision to leave the church to concentrate on his Mamre Prayer Centre in Namugongo, Wakiso District.

He was later consecrated as a Bishop for the Eastern Orthodox Church (EOC), which is part of the Orthodox Church and claims to be the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church established by Jesus.



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