FDC president Amuriat meets Gen. Muntu, pledges to solve wrangles


FDC president Patrick Amuriat greets Gen Mugisha Muntu recently. File photo.

In an effort to resolve the contradictions with FDC, the leading opposition party in Uganda, the new party president Patrick Amuriat met Gen. Mugisha Muntu, the former party leader yesterday evening.

Amuriat defeated Muntu last month in a highly contested race, with the backing of Dr. Kizza Besigye, the founding president of the party.

But Muntu’s group remained uncomfortable, indicating that they were not ready to work with Amuriat and others tthreating to break away from the party.

During yesterday’s meeting according to the statement, Amuriat sent to PML Daily this morning, the two senior party members discussed the contradictions, though much was not achieved. The meeting was attended by Yokasi Bihande a member of FDC NEC.

“A number of issues were raised and discussed. To me this is the first step in our attempt to harmonise our relationship and to try to establish a new working arrangement. Although the meeting was not conclusive a lot of progress was made,” Amuriat said.

Amuriat asked his supporters and membership of FDC to restrain themselves, to allow the healing process to proceed soberly.

“We are committed to holding follow up meetings resuming at the turn of the New Year. I wish to salute President Muntu for his commitment to keep our party intact amidst media speculations that there could be a split in the party,” he added.

On Wednesday this week, while chairing FDC NEC meeting for the first time, Amuriat assured members that he will solve the contradictions witnessed during the party presidential campaigns.

Amuriat is expected to make many changes in the party with in his first 100 days, including reconciling with different groups.

Sources, who attended the NEC meeting told PML Daily that the hall members are hopeful that Amuriat will move the party in aright direction.

“He assured that he will make FDC vibrant again. And he shall help the party to reclaim our victory,NRM party stole,” a senior NEC member said.

But also Muntu’s group had a meeting last Sunday at Alice Alaso’s residence, according to multiple sources who attended.

“We did discuss much, though some fronted the idea of forming third force(another political party) but we rejected it saying we shall remain in FDC and fight with in,” a city legislator revealed.

Amuriat accused FDC members that he will not drop any of the shadow ministers.

And Salaam Musumba, the FDC vice president eastern region said the shadow cabinet has performed well, deserved to get another term.

Amuriat also met opposition MPs and they announced anti age limit protests, next week.

Others on the list, Amuriat will meet this month include the youth, women, district chairpersons, those in diaspora, Interreligious council of Uganda, Academia and leaders opposition political parties.



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