Lord Mayor attacks KCCA law enforcement boss over brutality


Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago (right) appears before MPs on Tuesday. Looking on is KCCA executive director Jennifer Musisi. Photo by Vincent Kasozi.

The Lord Mayor has delivered a scathing attack against the police officer in charge of law enforcement at KCCA, Senior superintendent of the police Kituuma Rusoke.

Erias Lukwago was appearing before the presidential affairs committee of Parliament this afternoon alongside the head of the technical wing Executive Director Jennifer Musisi.

The committee had summoned the leadership of the authority to offer explanations and respond to queries over the affairs of the law enforcement unit at the authority.

The law enforcement officers employed by KCCA have come under heavy criticism over the years for their high handedness and use of brute force in enforcing city ordinances on public order.

Lukwago accused SSP Kituuma of acting above the law and overseeing a brutal and inhumane force that terrorizes city traders and business owners.

He stated that the city council had recommended for his removal but as a result of what he termed as impunity Kituuma has remained untouched.

“So we sat as the authority and pronounced ourselves and said no, Kituuma should get out of City Hall, because of impunity he was retained….that is the kind of situation we are dealing with there, impunity nothing else,” Lukwago said.

MPs on the presidential affairs committee were treated to a demonstration of the infighting at City Hall which played out before the committee this morning.

The MPs found themselves confronted by the all too familiar bitter power struggle between Musisi and Lukwago that has dogged the leadership at City hall for years.

The MPs had to contend with two conflicting reports tabled by the two leaders with starkly contradictory observations.

Musisi in her report read out by the Director legal affairs Charles Ouma notes that law enforcement officers are subjected to two assessments one physical and the other oral before recruitment and undergo extensive training.

“Immediately after recruitment, induction trainings are conducted for new recruits to give them an overview of areas where enforcement responsibility has been placed on the authority the nature of the enforcement action that may be taken …” reads the statement.

The EDs statement reveals that senior superintendent of the police Kituuma Rusoke was deployed at KCCA as manager security and enforcement in order to enhance discipline.

She also noted that a directorate disciplinary committee was set up to receive reports from the CID unit on their investigations and inquiries of complaints and also exercise disciplinary control over the enforcement officers.

Her report also states that there have been false allegations against law enforcement officers that have been circulated in order to tarnish their image.

“In our view many of these false allegations against the enforcement unit are simply a ploy to solicit and attract sympathy from all quarters in the hope that KCCA shall ultimately be hand tied so that we fail in executing our statutory mandate,” says the statement.

Lukwago’s statement was a direct indictment of the operations of the law enforcement unit under the technical wing. He stated that it can best be described as a militia with unregulated operations characterized by excessive force and brutality.

Kituuma who was present was not granted permission to respond directly to the accusations levelled against him by Lukwago since the committee requested for a written response on all issues to be delivered by the Executive Director.

Musisi declined to respond to the allegations raised against the enforcement agency noting that she would file a written response tomorrow.

The MPs led by the committee chairperson Ababiku Jessica unanimously called for the two leaders to find a way of achieving harmony and working together.

Amuria woman MP Susan Ameru noted that the reason for the bitter infighting was due to the fact that structures were not clear leading to a clash in roles, she also argued that the ED was availed too much powers since she was appointed by the president and suggested that her appointment should be conducted through the public service commission.

Ababiku directed that the authority provide details on the 124 law enforcement officers who have been disciplined so far, outlining action that has been taken against them, she has also requested for a timeline on the various ordinances being prepared by city hall.

The committee chairperson has also requested the city authority to undertake sensitization of the masses on city laws and their enforcement to eliminate ignorance of the law.

“I would love to join you in one of the sensitization meetings about the law, the policies and the strategies please don’t hesitate to invite me…I will be there with my members and we educate these people.” She remarked.

She sternly warned the KCCA leadership that their budget for the forthcoming financial year 2018/2019 would not be passed if the bitter wrangles between the leaders were not resolved.



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