Rugunda, Besigye clash over grenade attacks

Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda and former FDC President Dr Kiza Besigye

Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda and former FDC President Dr Kiza Besigye

Amidst the allegations of throwing grenades at residential homes of opposition legislators, Government has denied masterminding the move. Speaking at his office today, the Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda said NRM Government does not use assassination to eliminate its enemies.

“As NRM Government, we condemn the act and anybody doing it, is not representing NRM members,” he said. But Dr. Kizza Besigye, the former FDC president alleged that some individuals in NRM government are throwing the grenades to scare the public from rising against President Yoweri Museveni. “Government is behind the grenade attacks. This is done to scare the MPs and also plant fear among the public,” Dr Besigye added.

Dr Rugunda, however, revealed that they have embarked on investigating the matter. The attacked MPs are among the 25 legislators who were suspended last week for misbehaving in Parliament. They were blocking the move to table the motion to lift the Presidential age limit.

Three city legislators are living in fear after discovering alleged explosives at their residential homes. Moses Kasibante, Allan Sewanyana, and Robert Kyagulanyi are claiming that the unknown persons came to their residential homes and dumped explosives.

Kasibante was the first to report the incident, a day after Police arrested some of the 25 MPs who were suspended from Parliament, for opposing the move to lift the Presidential age limit. They had refused to vacate the August House until security agents forcefully evicted them.

Kasibante narrates that he released from the Police cells passed midnight and brought back to his residential home in Lugujja, a city suburb. Few minutes he had explosives, blasting and broke the glass of his front door when the Police had just left. This morning, Sewanyana and Kyagulanyi are also claiming to be attacked. They both said they survived death as ‘grenades’ go off at their homes late in the night.

Kyagulanyi said he had been receiving death threats, since last week, warning him to stop fighting the lifting of age limit bill.

“I have also been advised by some friends who know more than I know that I should be very careful what I eat or drink, how I drive and from where, whom I meet, even who touches me while I go to Parliament. Apparently, something could be done to me during the kind of scuffle that happened when state agents invaded the Parliamentary chamber,” Kyagulanyi laments.

The legislators are putting pressure on the Police to tell them what exactly happened. At Kasibante’s home, Police detectives were chased by angrily residents when they came investigate and take some samples of the explosives. After few hours, another group came and it was allowed to do its work.



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