How Togikwatako slogan is haunting its framers

Dennis Lubwama (left) and Kiwanuka Mayambala (centre) at a recent function. Photo by Raymond Mayanja.

KAMPALA–Some of the framers of the slogan, Togikwatako, Luganda word meaning don’t dare touch the Constitution, are living in fear, claiming that the security agents are camping at their residential homes and workplaces.

The concept, Togikwatako slogan was framed by some members of the Democratic Party and in August and later on the major political parties like Forum for Democratic Change(FDC), UPC and JEEMA adopted it, started to use it in their campaigns against lifting the Presidential age limit.

Some of the brains behind the togikwatako slogan include Dr. Kiwanuka Mayambala, the Democratic Party national chairman, party activists John Mary Sebuwuufu and Dennis Lubwama  Seddugge.

“We sat as a group and strategize after reading the signs that President Museveni was preparing to amend Article 102(b) of the Constitution, to have life presidency. We came up with the programme and later briefed Norbert Mao, the party president our plan and he bought the idea. The idea was tabled before NEC members and it was embraced,”Mayambala revealed.

When some section of the public got involved in the matter and accepted the anti-campaigns against lifting age limit, NRM party to counter them also branded their ogikwatako, which means, the Constitution has to be amended.
But for the Mayambala and his group, he said the security agents started to investigate and monitor their movements.

“Of course some of our members must have been bribed and revealed to Government spies on how the Togikwatako was hatched. And the brains behind it,” he added.

Deployment at his business
Unlike other politicians, Mayambala is a medic and businessman. He runs entertainment centre, located in makindye division.

But ever since the Togikwatako was launched in August, he claimed that many ESO agents camp at his entertainment centre, pretending to be customers.

“Some pay to have sleep in guest house rooms, with the purposing of monitoring the activities done at night. They think I convene meetings in the late evening . Recently, I came to know that they had even hired one of my employees, to spy on me,” Mayambala revealed.

For other activists like Sebuwuufu, he said many occasions, he find his car doors tampered with.

“One time, I was coming from the bank and I saw some body forceful trying to unlock my car. When he saw me moving faster towards my car, he fled,” Sebuwuufu explained.

Family members worried
The fear has been instigated in Mayambala’s family. His son Lubwama, who is currently in USA is also worried.

“Whenever I call my parents and sisters, my phones are tapped. Worst of all, my sisters, are also facing the same problem, when they are making local calls,” Lubwama said.

Lubwama fears to come back in Kampala

Lubwama, a former Uganda Young Democrats(UYD) organizing secretary, was the few Ugandans in USA, who publically vowed to de-campaign the lifting of the age limit among the western donors.

Last month, Lubwama claimed that two security agents came to his father’s residential home, hunting for him.

“Somebody hoodwinked the security that I had landed in Kampala. Two men switched on the alarm gate at my father’s residential home. When the maid came out, they told him that they wanted to talk to me, she instead told them phone call my father, who was not at home at that time,” Lubwama narrated.

He added that though, one of his sisters is preparing an introduction next month, at their residential home, he cannot attend it.

Matter reported to Police
When Mayambala came back home in the evening, the maid told him about the security men, who were hunting for Lubwama. He said he immediately reported the matter to Police.

“I registered the case to Police. As a family we cannot continue living in fear, because I and my son are politically disagreeing with President Museveni. Police told me that they are investigating the matter,” Mayambala said.

Opposition MPs arrested
Several opposition legislators, who are organizing rallies, urging the locals to resist the lifting of age limit are being arrested.

And their supporters are injured, when the Police is dispersing their rallies, arguing that they have to get permission from IGP to permit them.



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