Don’t tamper with our Constitution, Nwoya voters tell MP Adong

MP Lillian Adong addresses residents during an age limit consultation meeting in Purongo, in Nwoya district yesterday. Photo by David Okema.

NWOYA: Nwoya district residents have collectively told their district Woman MP Lillian Adong not to tamper with the country’s Constitution.

During consultation meetings held in Got Apwoyo and Purongo sub-counties yesterday, the locals unanimously agreed to keep the Constitution intact.

Only two people out of the over 500 who attended the meeting supported the amendment that seeks to remove presidential age caps from the Constitution.

Article 102(b) of the Constitution states that “a person is qualified for election as President if that person is not less than 35 years and not more than 75 years of age”

But the bill tabled by Igara West MP seeks to remove the age limits from the Constitution.

“From my first meeting today, It is clear the people of Nwoya do not want the Constitution changed because out of more than 500 who attended, only two people voted in favour of the amendment, two abstained but the rest of the people want the constitution the way it is,” MP Adong said.

The NRM legislator said she will continue to gather more views from the seven sub-counties and one town council in the district.

George Tekwo, 56, a resident of Got Apwoyo parish in Latoro sub-county, said he rejects the move to have the Constitution changed because it is aimed at suiting the interest of the incumbent President.

He said President Museveni while speaking on Mega Fm radio in Gulu warned leaders against greed over land and asked whether the President’s failure and unwillingness to handover power to the next leader is not greed in itself.

“The President should practice what he preaches and handover power peacefully to the next president,” Tekwo said.

Nelson Ojok Salamoi, opinion leader in Latoro sub-county, said government should avoid wasting tax payer’s money on the bill that he called unpopular.

A resident gives his views on the Constitutional amendment. Photo by David Okema.

Cana Lakot, 65, resident of got Apwoyo, cautioned MP Adong to be honest and not betray her people because of money.

She argued that age limit removal will mean that country is run by a ‘brakeless vehicle’ which is a recipe for disaster.

Lakot feared the Constitution might be changed against the wishes of the people, adding that government has a tendency of pushing its will on the people.

She said President Museveni can still remain a leader outside the Presidency.

“The President should not think that leadership is being a President. He can also become an elder and consultant,” she said.

But Esther Ocaya, 43, a resident of Purongo village in Purongo sub-county said the age caps should be removed so as to avoid wandering into the unknown.




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