NRM legislator speaks out on Museveni succession

Fort Portal Municipality MP Alex Ruhunda has urged his party to immediately prepare for President Museveni’s succession. Photo by Vincent Kasozi.

The NRM MP who tried to oppose the age limit motion yesterday has urged his party to immediately prepare for President Museveni’s succession.

Alex Ruhunda, Fort Portal Municipality MP, believes that whether or not the age limit is lifted, the NRM party has to look beyond Museveni’s presidency.

He was speaking following yesterday’s ugly scenes in Parliament when the Speaker suspended 25 MPs opposed to a constitutional amendment to remove the upper age cap of 75 years for presidential candidates.

Pandemonium and chaos ensued when security operatives used brute force to eject the suspended MPs from the House.

This age cap is the only road block preventing President Museveni from extending his rule beyond 2021.

Ruhunda said the age limit debate needs to involve the entire country and not just a few MPs.

Ruhunda is one of the few NRM legislators who stood up to oppose the passing of the motion that was eventually tabled by Igara West Raphael Magyezi following yesterday’s debacle.

“The spirit in which this bill was brought does not reflect the mood in the country,” he argued, but was shut down the Speaker who advised him to present his views during debate on the bill.

The motion endorsed by the House clears the way for Magyezi to present a constitutional amendment bill to lift the age limit.

He notes that he intends to take up a bill on President Museveni’s succession and retirement fronted by workers MP Sam Lyomoki.

“The fact remains that there has to be transition because he is not going to rule forever,” The Fort Portal representative said.

He believes Museveni has to be assured of immunity after his retirement as an inducement to stepping down from the presidency.

Ruhunda condemned the raid on Parliament by the security forces referring to it as an afternoon invasion of the sanctity, privilege and decorum of Parliament. He noted that the Speaker should have adjourned the house to the following day and barred access to parliament for the suspended MPs.



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