Lukwago petitions human rights body over police brutality

Lukwago prepares to hand over the petition to Meddie Kaggwa, the chairman of the Uganda Human Rights Commission. Photo by Raymond Mayanja.

KAMPALA–Police are engaging in running battles with Makerere University students who have this morning resumed their strike against age limit removal.

Doreen Nyanjura, the Makerere University councilor, has also been arrested over allegations that she is mobilizing students to protest the amendment of Article 102 (b) of the Constitution.

There is also heavy security presence at the country’s oldest university, with all halls of residence cordoned off by security personnel.

Last Thursday, about 30 Makerere University students who were protesting the amendment of Article 102 (b) of the Constitution were arrested and later released on the police bond. They were arrested together with Nyanjura.

Upon their release, Nyanjura said the State couldn’t handle the pressure put up by Makerereans.

“To the Makerere university students and all patriotic Ugandans who participated in peaceful demonstrations, Uganda is proud of you and history will remember you as heroes who stood up to face the enemy of Uganda. I implore you to remain brave until the end,” Nyanjura said.

Vincent Sekatte, the deputy police spokesperson, said release of the students was delayed because police was still screening them and recording their statements.

Makerere University councillor Doreen Nyanjura has been arrested again. Courtesy photo.

Meanwhile, after facing police brutality last week, the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has petitioned the Uganda Human Rights Commission, accusing the police of torturing him and terrorizing the city.

Handling over the petition to Meddie Kaggwa, the chairman of the human rights body, Lukwago who was in the company of KCCA opposition councillors vowed not to give up fighting for the rule of law and opposed ongoing maneuvers to ‘rape’ the Constitution.

Last Thursday, Lukwago and other politicians were arrested by Police for planning to lead demonstrations in the city, as Parliament was preparing to discuss the contentious age limit motion.

Kaggwa in response condemned the deployment of the military and police officers at Parliament and in the city.

Today, Lukwago and councillors are meeting at Mayor’s Garden before proceeding to Parliament.



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