Assumption Day: Museveni tells Catholics to work hard

Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga welcomes President Museveni at Kiwamirembe in Kampala for the celebration of the Assumption Day on Tuesday. Courtesy photo

President Museveni spent Tuesday morning celebrating Assumption Day with members of the Catholic Church at Kiwamirembe off Entebbe Road in Kampala and urged fellow celebrants to remember the Bible’s teachings about hard work.

The president was well received by the very large crowd which attended the mass presided over by Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga. In expansive mood Museveni spoke about the duty to work hard which is everybody’s calling on earth.

During his speech, he said: “The Catholic Church commemorates the Assumption of the Virgin Mary to Heaven. I joined pilgrims at Our Lady Queen of Peace Kiwamirembe Shrine in Lweza Parish. The faithful should pray to Maria, thanking her for the peace and good things we have achieved but also present our problems, both personal and as a country”.

Uganda joined the world to celebrate Assumption Day.

He also took a moment to indulge in some self-congratulation.

“On seeing the good roads and the industries below this hill, I thank Jesus Christ, Maria, the Holy Spirit and God for a visionary government that has aided this development. Christians, and indeed everyone, should work hard, just as St. Paul commands that

‘Those who do not work will not eat’,” he said.

Museveni drew the attention of the gathered faithful to the failings of Africans who he said “concentrate on multiplying and not dominance over other creatures yet in Genesis, during creation, God commanded us not only to multiply but also dominate over other creation.”

This hill on which the shrine stands was destroyed during the struggle against bad leadership of [Idi] Amin. I pledge Shs 80 million as contribution to redevelopment of this area, the president added.

Catholics throughout the world on Tuesday celebrated Assumption Day, the day on which they believe that the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, ascended into heaven.

Thousands of faithful gathered at Kiwamirembe to celebrate Assumption Day. Courtesy photo.



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